Microsoft will soon release Small Business Server 2003, a cost-effective, integrated suite of server products with technologies from Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2003. The premium edition also includes Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server).

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 is a low-cost collection of essential server software that gives your company the foundation for a powerful but easy-to-manage information network. Small Business Server 2003 offers security, information sharing, email, faxing, Internet access, support for remote and wireless users, and end-to-end network administration.

For small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and California Central Valley, Progent's Microsoft-certified consultants and Experts Network specialists offer computer help, onsite and remote support, and IT consulting services for all components of the Windows Server 2003 suite. Progent's migration, integration, update, and support services include planning and system design, installation and deployment, project management and documentation, on-site and remote technical support and troubleshooting, Help Desk Call Center services, expert security consulting, 24x7 server monitoring, and turn-key outsourcing and co-sourcing.

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003) is designed for relatively small organizations who need high-level dependability and functionality but don't have the economy of scale that allows large corporations to absorb the cost and complexity of licensing best-of-breed enterprise software. SBS 2003 is an inexpensive and easy way to build a solid foundation for an information network with enterprise-level security, performance, connectivity, and reliability.

Windows Small Business Server 2003 will be available in standard and premium editions. The standard edition includes Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Small Business Server 2000 included earlier versions of these products. The premium edition adds Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server).

Benefits of Microsoft Small Business Server 2003

  • Windows 2003 Server's management and security tools reduce the cost and improve the reliability of desktop computers by using centralized user policies, rights, and configurations.
  • Windows 2003 Server offers improved security, performance and convenience for remote and mobile computer users by providing enhanced support for virtual private network (VPN) technologies and for 802.1x wireless networks and by allowing auto-configuration for multiple networks, which gives the mobile workers seamless operations on both office and home networks without having to manually reconfigure TCP/IP settings.
  • Windows 2003 Server's integrated security and password model builds upon a uniform directory structure that allows seamless and secure access for local users, mobile or remote users, telecommuters, and web users.
  • Windows 2003 Server maximizes server uptime and user availability by incorporating powerful fault tolerance features, including disk mirroring, distributed file system, and cluster configurations.
  • Exchange Server 2003 improves remote and mobile access by supporting a web client that offers a nearly complete implementation of the familiar Outlook interface, including calendaring and tools. This means that mobile workers can have full, secure access to email from any Internet-connected computer with a standard web browser. Performance improvements in Outlook and Outlook Web Access increase the productivity of mobile workers restricted by slower phone-line or wireless connections.
  • Exchange Server 2003 uses Active Directory, providing a greatly simplified administration and security model. This makes Exchange Server easy to manage and support and also offers tight security. Security improvements include enhanced Safe and Block lists and junk email filtering, public folder permissions improvements, and attachment blocking in Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access.
  • Exchange Server 2003 has a strong foundation for seamlessly integrating third-party applications such as virus scanning packages and anti-spamming tools. An advanced, managed remote accessible application programming interface (API) supports collaborative application development.
  • SQL Server 2000 is designed for 24x7 operation with online backups and sophisticated fault-tolerant clustering configurations that assure complete uptime.
  • SQL Server 2000 implements a high-level client-server method of communications with applications plus advanced transaction logging and transactions rollback features to protect against data corruptions and assure complete referential data integrity under all circumstances, including server crash.
  • SQL Server 2000 offers comprehensive security controls and auditing that extend security controls to individual databases and even individual data fields. All security accounts can be integrated with Active Directory user information.
  • The broad range of SQL Server 2000's data access programming interfaces results in an extensive selection of off-the-shell applications and provides a flexible foundation for custom .NET architecture, traditional client-server, web-based Internet, and eCommerce applications.
  • ISA Server 2000 includes a firewall with the option to set up a security environment in which use and access permissions/restrictions to Internet services are tied to the individual user logon account that the user is currently logged into, adding flexibility and manageability.
  • ISA Server features comprehensive support for protecting IIS servers behind the firewall, which has been one of the largest areas of hacker exploits for Windows 2000 environments.
  • ISA Server 2000 has built-in intelligent web page caching capabilities that speed up the user Internet browsing experience and dramatically reduce Internet bandwidth usage by keeping copies of frequently accessed pages locally in hard disk storage on the ISA Server.
  • ISA Server 2000 enhances security through detailed security access logging features that make it easier to understand security threats. Basic-level intrusion detection filters to alert against common intrusion attempts.

How Progent's Consultants Provide Small Business Server 2003 Help
To make your SBS 2003 solution even more affordable and easier to manage, Progent offers small companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and California Central Valley a Small Business Network Support Package that allows you to outsource all your network management, technical support and Help Desk needs to Progent's skilled team of Microsoft-certified consultants and technicians. You get top-level IT support without the cost and distraction of maintaining a large in-house IT organization.

The integration demands of the Microsoft .NET components included with Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 requires an IT consultant with hands-on expertise and broad knowledge in designing and building cohesive end-to-end business technology solutions. Progent's consultants have an average of over 10 years of background integrating business networks founded on Microsoft technology. This experience assures you success in deploying, managing, and troubleshooting IT solutions based on the Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 suite of servers and applications.

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