Progent is seeking a motivated person to help manage background summaries sent to Progent by job seekers. The Resume Screener will operate from home and take job applications submitted by email and transfer the resumes into a dedicated application tracking program. The Job Application Screener will consolidate all documents submitted by job seekers, verify that all required data is correctly transferred into Progent's resume database, check that professional certifications are valid, and pre-qualify job applicants by assigning each applicant an initial ranking.

Benefits of Teaming with Progent
Progent is a progressive computer consulting and information technology outsourcing company headquartered in San Jose, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Unique models for customer marketing, support delivery, virtual office infrastructure, and employee compensation have allowed Progent to become among the most rapidly growing and most successful Microsoft Gold Partners in the United States. Our extensive support database and collaborative approach to problem resolution has allowed Progent to build up a talented staff and a satisfied international customer base.


Resume Screener

Position Code



At home, remote office network, Guam, Micronesia

Primary Functions

The Resume Screener is a work-at-home job that requires approximately 20 hours every week. The Job Application Screener's main task is to perform a preliminary screening on every resume submitted to Progent, including submissions for engineering, operational, selling, and marketing jobs. The Job Application Screener checks that all job submissions and associated files are correctly imported into Progent's specialized resume management program, that all necessary data has been supplied, and that all claimed industry accreditations are current. The Job Application Screener will assign an initial ranking to each job seeker in order to expedite the hiring procedures for Progent's HR department.


Reports to:
Director of Human Resources

Interacts Extensively with:
HR staff responsible for managing Progent's job application system

Job Duties

Job Duties include:
  • Consolidate all job application information sent to Progent. Each job seeker may submit multiple emails and attached files, and the submitted documents can have any format.
  • Make sure that all required data has been submitted by each job applicant.
  • Import all job application information into Progent's dedicated hiring database and verify that all information is successfully imported and correctly assigned.
  • Confirm that any claimed technical credentials are registered and current.
  • Rank resumes according to established criteria in categories of work history, professional presentation of cover letter and resume, certifications attained, and overall work skills.
  • Interact with Progent's human resources team to help improve the efficiency of Progent's job application system.


Minimum Work Background
5 years of experience in HR and two years of background working with resumes

Characteristics of the Candidate

  • Demonstrable command of written and spoken English
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Ability to operate in a team environment
  • Self driven, creative, and able to work effectively and autonomously with minimal management direction
  • Skill to evaluate the professional disposition of job applicants
  • Capacity to operate productively in a virtual-office situation
  • Driven to succeed in a rapid-paced and dynamic industry

Home Office Requirements

  • Must have a PC or laptop based on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Must have fast and reliable Internet connection

In case you want to apply for this position, please send your resume to Be sure to include the job code, such as A014Guam, for the position that you are seeking.

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