Barracuda Backup: Cloud-integrated Backup and Disaster Recovery
BarracudaBarracuda Backup is a low-cost, subscription-based backup and disaster recovery service for small and medium-size businesses. The Barracuda Backup solution can include a physical, purpose-built Barracuda appliance or a virtual, software-based appliance with similar functionality but which uses your own storage hardware. Barracuda Backup protects critical business data generated on-premises, at one or more remote sites, or in the cloud. For disaster preparedness, you can replicate data to the Barracuda Cloud, to Amazon Web Services (AWS), or to any private location you designate. A simple-to-operate and web-accessible management and reporting console makes it easy to administer and monitor all backup, replication, retention and recovery processes in real time.

Key features of Barracuda Backup include:

  • LiveBoot and Cloud LiveBoot enable recovery Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware VMs in minutes, minimizing business disruption
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protects against data loss in Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online environments
  • Offsite vaulting of historical revisions conserves local storage resources so they can be used for production applications
  • In-line deduplication and data compression can cut storage requirements and network bandwidth usage in half
Progent is a certified Barracuda partner and offers a wide array of consulting and management services to help you design, integrate, operate and troubleshoot a backup and disaster recovery solution built on Barracuda technology. Progent also offers ProSight Data Protection Services managed backup as an affordable turnkey service that allows you to outsource the management of your backup/recovery system. ProSight Data Protection Services incorporates cloud-based backup technology developed by Intronis, a company acquired by Barracuda. Progent's Hyper-V consulting experts and VMware consultants can assist your business to plan and configure virtual machine deployments that utilize any combination of local, remote and cloud-based resources. Progent can also provide advanced business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR) planning consulting to help businesses of any size to recover quickly from cyber attacks such as ransomware or from other catastrophic events caused by natural or human-caused disasters, hardware breakdowns, or other reasons.

Capabilities of Barracuda Backup
Barracuda Backup offers small and mid-size organizations a full-featured data protection solution by providing advanced capabilities in the areas of backup, recovery and management. Barracuda Backup protects the most popular operating systems, the most widely used versions of Hyper-V and VMware, and cloud-hosted Microsoft applications. Mission-critical servers can be backed up as often as every 15 minutes to support a low Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Replication to offsite datacenters and to the cloud facilitate disaster recovery and offer deployment options to suit any SMB.

Operating Systems Hypervisors Cloud Applications Replication
Windows Server
Mac OS X
Microsoft Hyper-V
VMware vSphere
Office 365
Exchange Online
Azure SQL
SharePoint Online
Barracuda Cloud
Amazon AWS
Barracuda Appliance
Virtual Appliance

Barracuda Backup works with popular operating systems, hypervisors and cloud-hosted applications

Secure Backup and Replication
Barracuda Backup utilizes a physical or virtual (software-based) onsite appliance that securely and automatically replicates data offsite. Local backup allows fast restores, and offsite replication supports disaster recovery.

  • Hardware-Encrypted Appliance: Barracuda Encrypted Backup is a service option that uses disk drives which can be read only when the drives are installed in the physical Barracuda appliance. In case the entire encrypted appliance is taken from a site, disk data can only be read after a power-on password is correctly entered. Native encryption technology is incorporated in the drives used in this option, which eliminates the dramatic performance loss associated with software-based encryption.
  • Inline Deduplication and Compression: Barracuda Backup services using either physical or virtual appliances include Inline, block-level, source-based and target-based deduplication and compression. This results in a significant reduction in storage and bandwidth use and cuts the time it takes to complete backup and replication operations. Barracuda's variable block deduplication algorithms evaluate data type and chunk size in order to determine a block size that delivers the highest degree of deduplication. For businesses with multiple locations, Barracuda's advanced global deduplication and cloud storage technology offer significant savings in storage infrastructure without compromising data protection.
  • Secure and Efficient Replication: Barracuda Backup offers a variety of low-cost options for copying business-critical data offsite to protect against local events that may disable your datacenter. You can use built-in WAN acceleration to replicate protected data to the Barracuda Cloud, to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, or to a Barracuda physical or virtual backup appliance located at any remote location. You can also export replicated data to external disk, tape, autoloaders, or robotic libraries. Wherever you choose to replicate your data, it will be transferred and stored using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Barracuda replication can use VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) and requires only a single agent for Windows systems and apps.
  • Offsite Vaulting: To help businesses comply with internal or regulatory retention policies and to reduce the cost of storing archival backups, Barracuda Backup supports offsite vaulting. You can transfer on-premises copies of monthly and yearly backups from a local Barracuda appliance to the Barracuda Cloud or to a different Barracuda appliance.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup: To recover from data loss due to human error such as accidental deletions, Barracuda offers Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365. This can protect Exchange Online mailboxes and OneDrive for Business files and folders.
Restore and Disaster Recovery
Barracuda Backup supports a variety of recovery options for physical servers and virtual machines. You can restore data from a local Barracuda Backup appliance, from a remote Barracuda Backup appliance that has been used to replicate that system, or from Barracuda Cloud Storage.
  • P2V Restores: You can restore physical server backups into a virtual environment (P2V restores) hosted by VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Bare Metal Recovery (BMR): Bare metal recovery lets you restore a complete Windows computer system, including data, settings, applications, and operating system, onto a new computer on which no software has been installed. BMR is useful for a variety of common restoration scenarios including replacing a lost notebook or provisioning a new one, refreshing a server's hardware, moving from a physical to a virtual server, migrating from a rotating disk to a solid-state drive, or recovering from a cyber attack that corrupted your operating system.
  • LiveBoot: The LiveBoot feature allows instant recovery of VMware virtual guest machines. If your primary storage system fails, Barracuda Backup can operate as data storage for your VMware ESXi server. You can recover any revision of a guest VM based on your retention policy and immediately use files and applications in their deduplicated state stored within Barracuda Backup. You can also use LiveBoot for granular file-level recovery as well as for item-level recovery for supported applications including Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and SharePoint.
  • Cloud LiveBoot: When you back up a Hyper-V or VMware virtual guest server and replicate to Barracuda Cloud Storage, you can boot the server in Barracuda's Cloud directly from the Barracuda Backup web interface with no additional configuration. You can recover any revision of a virtual guest server within your retention policy, boot virtual servers in the cloud to recover and traverse the file structure of virtual guest system data, and retrieve individual Active Directory (AD) objects. For testing purposes, you can boot the virtual guest system to confirm data integrity or to set up a sandbox for trying out new or updated applications without risk to your production environment.
  • Granular Recovery: From the Barracuda Backup web interface you can recover an entire share, a file, a file system directory, a mailbox, mailbox folders, or individual messages. You can restore data to its original location or to any other networked computer where the Barracuda Backup Agent is installed.
  • Retention Policies: Barracuda Backup retention policies allow you to keep historic data based on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly time intervals. You can create Barracuda Backup retention policies for different sets of data including VMs, email messages, and data backed up by the Barracuda Backup Agent including Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V, and System State. This flexibility allows you to comply with regulatory or litigation requirements and fine tune data protection and disaster recovery plans.
  • Microsoft Exchange Support: Barracuda Backup automatically creates a recovery mailbox database for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and higher. You can restore individual Exchange Mailbox folders, such as the Inbox, as well as Contacts, Calendars, and Notes. You can also use Barracuda Backup's web interface to view, search, and restore individual Microsoft Exchange messages. You can view all of the messages within an individual mailbox and you can perform a string search across multiple mailboxes.
  • VMware CBT Restores: VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) is used to perform incremental backups on VMware ESX/ESXi VMs. CBT identifies and tracks block changes that occurred after the most recent backup and logs these changes. This significantly lowers the number and duration of backup windows and improves the speed and efficiency of subsequent replication.
Management and Reporting
The Barracuda Appliance web interface is a modern, easy-to-use tool for configuring, monitoring and administering your Barracuda Backup solution from a centralized and web-accessible utility. A similar Cloud-to-Cloud Backup tool is also available. Both tools feature six tabs that open pages with a rich set of management capabilities.
Barracuda Backup Management Consultants

Barracuda's web-based management tool simplifies the protection of local, multi-site, or cloud-based data

  • Dashboard: Provides a panoramic view of all devices on the subscriber's Barracuda Backup account. This section uses interactive graphs and tables to describe a wealth of information including the performance and health of local and offsite backups, agents, and data sources. Other information includes offsite transfer remaining, offsite transfer efficiency, storage efficiency, backup reports, storage allocation, current tasks, storage and transfer history, and Barracuda subscription information.
  • Backup: Controls data sources and manages how data is backed up locally and replicated offsite. This section allows you to control replication from Barracuda appliances for disaster recovery, granular backup scheduling, directory and file exclusions, rate limits, and retention policies.
  • Restore: Allows you to restore data from a local Barracuda physical or virtual appliance, replicated data from a remote appliance, or data from Barracuda Cloud Storage. The Restore Browser page lets you recover a range items that include Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware servers, Exchange Server, SQL Server databases, Active Directory objects, SharePoint objects, and Windows System State. The Restore Browser page also gives you access to LiveBoot, Cloud LiveBoot, and P2V restores. You can use the LiveBrowse feature to view and traverse file structures inside backed up Hyper-V and VMware VMDK, VHD, and VHDX files and you can download files and directories from Hyper-V and VMware snapshots.
  • Reports: Allows you to view detailed reports on backups, restores, and large items, plus an audit log of all activities. The Backup Report includes a report detailing every backup that has been performed or is currently running. The tabular and sortable Restore Report provides details for a specified range of restore operations and includes any errors encountered and a list of restored content. The Large Items Report lists large files and includes the source and path of the data plus the size of the file before and after deduplication. The Audit Log Report shows all logged activities in the Barracuda Backup web interface for specified users and time periods.
  • System: Allows you to manage firmware version and settings for Barracuda Backup and to download software tools to use with Barracuda Backup.
  • Admin: Allows you to configure email notifications, authentication, and permissions for users, add and delete display groups to manage multiple Barracuda Backup appliances, activate an appliance, and add and configure your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account to Barracuda Backup (this requires an AWS Replication subscription).
Barracuda Backup Physical and Virtual Appliances
BarracudaBarracuda Backup services can be deployed with any mix of physical Barracuda appliances, software-based virtual appliances that utilize your own compute and storage infrastructure (called Barracuda Backup Vx), or Cloud-to-Cloud backup. Barracuda's purpose-built physical appliances can include internal encryption technology and range from desktop devices with 1 TB of storage to rackmount 4 U hot-swappable arrays with capacities of up to 112 TB. Physical appliances incorporate Barracuda's software, storage and replication technology and, as part of the subscription service, require no up-front capital investment. Subscribers receive a free hardware refresh to the latest physical appliance model every four years. Advantages of a Barracuda physical appliance over a software-based virtual appliance include simplicity of integration and management plus reduced loading on production servers while performing CPU-intensive activities such as hashing blocks during deduplication, compression for offsite replication, and rehydration of data during restoration.

Barracuda Backup Integration Consultants

You can use Barracuda's physical or virtual appliances for local and off-site backup, replication and disaster recovery

Barracuda Backup Deduplication
Deduplication is a data compression technique that plays a critical role in any modern backup and recovery solution. Deduplication works by comparing incoming data blocks with backup data that has already been stored. Deduplication algorithms remove redundant incoming data blocks and substitute a concise reference to the data already stored. Barracuda Backup Agents (BBAs) deduplicate and compress local data, including Hyper-V VHD files, on the client-side host server before transmitting the deduplicated data to the physical or virtual Barracuda Backup appliance. By preventing redundant data from being sent to the Barracuda Backup appliance for processing, so-called source-based dedpulication reduces LAN network traffic and significantly shortens the backup window.

Barracuda Backup Deduplication Consultants

The Barracuda Backup Agent (BBA) deduplicates data at the source system to conserve LAN bandwidth

To backup VMware virtual disks, Barracuda Backup takes advantage of VMware's VADP technology, using Changed Block Tracking to avoid sending redundant data chunks to Barracuda Backup appliances.

How Progent Can Help You with Barracuda Backup
Progent's Microsoft-certified Hyper-V consultants and VMware-certified vSphere and vCenter experts can assist your business to design, install and manage a data backup and disaster recovery solution powered by Barracuda Backup. Progent's Exchange consultants can help you use Barracuda Backup to protect your Exchange Server deployment, and Progent's Amazon AWS hybrid cloud consulting experts can help you set up your AWS account to replicate and restore critical data. Progent's Disaster Recovery consultants can show you how Barracuda Backup's offsite and cloud replication capability can protect your vital business data and get you up and running fast in the event of a natural or human-made disaster, a ransomware attack, or any other catastrophic event. Progent's GIAC-certified information assurance consultants can evaluate the security and compliance of your backup ecosystem and can help you leverage affordable tools and smart processes and policies to survive in today's increasingly dangerous IT environment.

High Availability Technologies Supported by Progent
Progent's certified consulting experts can assist your business to build a sensible, zero-downtime network that addresses critical problems encompassing a wide range of infrastructure solutions and processes including:

Workplace Recovery Planning
Progent's business continuity planning professionals can show you how to design a disaster recovery strategy in order to restore network operations in the event of an IT system catastrophe. Progent can assist you to develop a complete disaster recovery plan that incorporates scheduled disaster recovery assessments and drills. Progent's Microsoft and Cisco-certified professionals can also show you how to create an affordable, zero-downtime system solution that addresses reliability issues involving a broad array of infrastructure technologies and processes. For more information, visit Disaster Recovery Consulting.

CRISC-Certified IT Risk Management
The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) program was established by ISACA to verify an IT professional's ability to plan, deploy, and support IS control mechanisms to mitigate network risk. Progent offers the services of a CRISC-certified consultant to assist your company to develop and execute a workplace continuity strategy based on industry best practices identified by CRISC and geared to align with your organization's risk tolerance, business objectives, and budgetary guidelines. For details, visit CRISC-Premier IT risk management specialists.

Microsoft Server 2019 Fault-tolerant Failover Clustering
Windows Server 2019 incorporated significant improvements in scale, throughput, manageability, security and compliance, application compatibility, Linux support, container technology, and hybrid combinations of local and cloud assets. Headline enhancements of Windows Server 2019 include Windows Admin Center for centralizing the management of hybrid local/cloud deployments, System Insights for taking advantage of modern predictive analytics to manage on-premises environments, Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard for host-intrusion defense, container networking with Kubernetes, Cluster Sets technology for deploying and managing massive high-availability scale-out clusters, and Storage Migration Service for simplifying the migration from outdated versions of Windows Server. For more information, go to Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Fault-tolerant Failover Clustering Support.

Microsoft Server 2016 Disaster Recovery
Progent's Windows Server 2016 disaster recovery consultants can assist your organization to plan and deploy a disaster recovery system built around Microsoft's latest Failover Clustering technologies such as Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade for non-disruptive migration to Windows Server 2016, Storage Replica for zero-data-loss Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Storage Spaces Direct for enterprise-class network-attached storage using industry-standard equipment, VM Load Balancing for enhancing the speed and fault-tolerance of Failover Clusters while minimizing capital investment and operational expenses, and Cloud Witness for easy, affordable creation of a stretch cluster quorum witness. For details, visit Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Disaster Recovery Expertise.

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Disaster Recovery Solutions
VMware's Site Recovery Manager is a component of VMware vCenter that allows you to orchestrate, automate and test a consistent runbook for recovering services quickly after an outage. Site Recovery Manager supports centrally managed and automated recovery, application mobility, and non-intrusive site relocation, failback and site re-protect. SRM also enables non-disruptive testing for site recovery, updates and patches and can produce audit reports to confirm complete service recovery, validate SLAs and prove compliance. Progent offers the support of a VCDX certified VMware Site Recovery Manager consultant to help you to design, configure, test and manage a DR solution based on VMware Site Recovery Manager.

NetApp MetroCluster Disaster Recovery Technology
NetApp MetroCluster is a disaster recovery platform that combines array-based storage clustering with continual replication to provide rapid, zero RPO disaster recovery (DR) between datacenters that are up to 185 miles (300km) apart from each other. Progent can provide the skills of a NetApp MetroCluster consultant who can help your business to plan, deploy, manage, update, test and troubleshoot a disaster recovery solution built around NetApp MetroCluster. Progent can help you to choose a topology for your MetroCluster deployment that meets your technical requirements and budget. Progent can ensure you follow best practices for installing your MetroCluster solution by delivering guidance with tasks such as assigning shelf IDs, determining aggregate and plexes layout, setting up FlexVol volumes, setting up Data ONTAP configuration replication service, installing switches, implementing a tiebreaker mechanism, setting up a TCP/IP configuration replication network between your storage clusters, and testing your disaster recovery system to show compliance with industry standards and government requirements.

Fault Tolerant Load Balancing
Progent provides high availability load balancing consulting that addresses system load balancing, load balanced applications, network infrastructure routing, and content dispatching products such as F5 Networks 3DNS. Fault tolerant load balancing products for which Progent offers consulting expertise include Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Network Load Balancing Manager, Citrix Metaframe and Presentation Server, Cisco CSS, Cisco Distributed Director and Cisco CDN Software, and F5 Networks BIG-IP. To find out more, see High Availability Load Balancing.

High-Availability Data Centers
Progent's Data Center consultants can help you find high availability data centers that match the particular requirements of your company. High availability colocation sites are particularly appealing to small and mid-size organizations due to of their affordability and convenience in comparison to pursuing a do-it-yourself approach. Trying to create an in-house data center that offers even a basic degree of fault tolerance is too expensive for most small businesses. Progent can show you how to get all the benefits of 24x7 colo sites by providing a complete array of consulting and maintenance services. To find out more, see Fault Tolerant Colocation Consulting.

24x7 Inter-office Connectivity
Progent’s multi-site connection professionals can help companies create zero-downtime multi-site connectivity by means of fully redundant networks featuring automatic failover. Progent’s Cisco-premier CCIE engineers can design and deploy fault-tolerant Inter-office connections supported by non-stop EIGRP routers or fault tolerant OSPF deployment of Cisco routers. Progent can demonstrate how redundant connectivity and automatic fail-over offers economical non-stop interoffice connectivity. For details, go to Fault Tolerant Interoffice Connectivity.

24x7 Internet Access
Progent's Cisco-authorized network professionals can help you build an affordable, high availability Internet connection architecture that can deliver 24x7 Internet connectivity through a broad array of fault tolerant Internet network solutions including high availability BGP, automatic fail-over, and redundant ISPs. Progent offers CCIE professionals to show you how to apply the latest techniques for high availability Internet connectivity to build an economical, completely redundant Internet interface with automatic failover and other features to create fault tolerant Internet connections. To learn more, see Fault Tolerant Internet Connectivity Architecture.

Backup and Restore Technology Consultants
Progent can provide affordable online support from engineers skilled in a broad range of products and services that deliver solutions for protecting Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux physical and virtual servers and workstations plus laptops and handhelds. Progent can provide consulting support for leading data protection platforms such as Acronis Backup and Recovery, Backup Exec, BackupAssist Software, CrashPlan PRO, Double-Take, MozyPro, Retrospect for Macintosh, Time Machine, VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP), and Oracle Solaris FLARs. Progent's consultants can assist you to install, upgrade, or troubleshoot data backup solutions for a variety of environments including local, remote, cloud, or a mix. To read more, go to Backup and Restore Technology Expertise.

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) Backup and Recovery Consulting Services
Progent's expert Microsoft SCDPM support professionals can help you to develop a practical workplace recovery strategy, design a cost-effective fault-tolerante network infrastructure, install a System Center Data Protection Manager-powered backup and restore solution, thoroughly validate your system, educate your administrative personnel or regular consultants how to maintain Microsoft SCDPM, or provide complete IT support outsourcing such as remote hosting of Microsoft SCDPM servers in Progent's secure data center. To read more, visit System Center Data Protection Manager Consulting.

ProSight DPS Altaro VM Backup Solutions for Backup and Disaster Recovery
Altaro VM Backup software provides small and mid-size businesses a reliable and budget-friendly platform for backing up and recovering Hyper-V and VMware-powered virtual machines. Altaro VM Backup can be deployed in local, offsite, distributed, and cloud architectures and also supports cost-effective cloud backup to Microsoft Azure Block Blob storage. Progent is a certified Altaro partner and offers a broad array of remote or onsite services to assist you to design, install, optimize and troubleshoot a modern backup and disaster recovery system powered by Altaro VM Backup software. With ProSight Data Protection Services Altaro VM Backup, Progent delivers a managed backup/restore service powered by on Altaro VM Backup technology. To read more, see Altaro VM Backup consulting services.

ProSight Data Protection Services Altaro O365 Total Backup Solutions
Microsoft 365 (previously branded Office 365) offers rudimentary archiving but does not have integrated support for key data protection services such as Exchange backups or long-term point-in-time data recovery for OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. Altaro O365 Total Backup delivers a feature-rich platform for automatic backup and rapid restoration of all your company's O365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, SharePoint documents, and OneDrive for Business files. Progent is an Altaro partner and has designed ProSight Data Protection Services O365 Total Backup to deliver comprehensive managed services for Altaro's O365 back/restore suite. ProSight Data Protection Services O365 provides an affordable backup-as-a-service solution that protects O365 apps against data loss or corruption resulting from human or system mistakes, malevolent sabotage, and malware attacks such as ransomware. To find out more, see ProSight Data Protection Services Altaro O365 Backup solutions.

Managed Cloud Backup: ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO
ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO provide small and medium-sized businesses a low cost and fully managed service for reliable backup/disaster recovery. For a low monthly rate, ProSight DPS ECHO automates your backup activities and enable rapid restoration of vital data, apps and VMs that have become lost or corrupted as a result of component breakdowns, software bugs, natural disasters, human error, or malware attacks such as ransomware. ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO can help you back up, retrieve and restore files, folders, applications, system images, as well as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual machine images. Important data can be protected on the cloud, to a local device, or to both. Progent's backup and recovery consultants can deliver advanced expertise to set up ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO to to comply with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, FIRPA, PCI and Safe Harbor and, when needed, can help you to recover your critical data. Find out more about ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO managed backup and recovery.

ProSight DPS 360 Backup Solutions
Progent's data protection experts can help you to create, deploy and debug a backup solution based on MSP360 technology. MSP360 enables file/folder or image backup/recovery for VMs and physical machines, supports all leading public clouds, and permits businesses to create a data protection ecosystem with a minimum RTO and a defined RPO. With ProSight DPS 360 Backup, Progent can provide end-to-end monitoring and remote management of your backup system to protect against data loss caused by human miscues, computer glitches, ill-intentioned insiders, and external assaults such as ransomware. To read more, go to ProSight Data Protection Services 360 Backup solutions.

Consulting for Double-Take Software for Data Backup
Double-Take Software offers a selection of products intended to provide small companies a variety of affordable alternatives for backing up and recovering vital applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL, Blackberry, and Microsoft Office SharePoint. Progent’s business continuity planning consultants have extensive experience incorporating Double-Take Software technology into small company IT networks to create a high level of fault tolerance and business continuity readiness at an affordable cost. To learn more, visit Consulting Services Double-Take Solutions for Backup.

Why Pick Progent for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning Solutions?
Because Progent is a Microsoft Certified Partner and provides specialized application support for a wide variety of business applications, Progent is able to help customers to arrive at efficient information technology solutions that optimize the business value of your IT network. As a Registered Partner with Cisco, Progent can provide the support of premier engineers and specialists with experience in architecting, implementing and supporting infrastructure environments built on Cisco technology. The extent of Progent's technical know-how and Progent's sensitivity to the needs of small companies make Progent the ideal resource for creating and maintaining an affordable, high-availability network.

How to Access Progent's Consultants for Business Continuity Planning Support
In order to contact Progent about technical assistance for workplace recovery solutions, phone 1-800-993-9400 or see Contact Progent.

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    Progent’s certified experts provide small and medium size businesses world-class consulting services for Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 and Configuration Manager, Microsoft's solutions for change and configuration automation. Configuration Manager is Microsoft's new name for the change management solution previously called SMS Server. Configuration Manager provides a range of enhancements to Microsoft Systems Management Server such as comprehensive automation, built-in Windows Vista Microsoft Windows Server 2008 support, NAP security support, and device driver management. Progent’s certified consulting professionals can show you how to use SMS Server or Configuration Manager effectively for streamlined operating system and application deployment, security patch control, software metering, and licensing reconciliation. Progent's engineers can also help you to move efficiently from Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 to Configuration Manager 2007.

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  • Hyper-V Virtual Server Professionals
    Hyper-V Virtual Support and Setup

    Progent's certified consultants can assist you to evaluate the possible benefits of Hyper-V-based server virtualization for your company, conduct pilot implementations to verify Hyper-V's compatibility with your line-of-business software, assess your network and server architecture for smooth performance with virtual server solutions, assist you in moving to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and setting up Windows Hyper-V, train your IT staff to track and manage Hyper-V, offer expert consulting support for improving the security of your virtual machines, design and validate disaster recovery procedures that maximize network uptime, and provide ongoing consulting and maintenance including low-cost remote troubleshooting and comprehensive Help Desk services.

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  • Engineer Sun Solaris
    Solaris Services

    Progent's Sun Solaris platform support services offer small and mid-size businesses and software developers support for managing and maintaining Solaris systems that coexist with Microsoft-powered technology. Progent offers your business access to Solaris consultants, support professionals certified by Microsoft and Cisco, and security experts with CISA certification. This broad array of expertise provides you with a convenient single consulting firm to help you build and maintain a protected and reliable mixed-platform connectivity and communications environment that supports Solaris and Microsoft coexistence by integrating Windows with major versions of UNIX including Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, BSD, SCO, and SGI/Irix or leading Linux platforms such as RedHat, SUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu Linux, PCLinuxOS, fedora Linux, Gentoo, Mandriva Linux, Debian-GNU, and Slackware.

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