Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager ConsultantsMicrosoft System Center R2 Data Protection Manager (SCDPM 2012) is the backup/recovery component of Microsoft's System Center 2012 R2 datacenter management suite SCDPM 2012 designed to protect Windows servers, clients, and workloads including Exchange Server, SQL Server, Virtual Machine Manager, SharePoint, Hyper-V, and Windows desktops and notebooks. SCDPM 2012 allows continual, transparent backup of physical and virtual computers to local or offsite disks and also allows offline backup to tape. SCDPM 2012 supports fast recovery of entire servers or individual files, self-service capability for trusted users, and seamless integration with Microsoft Azure Backup for cloud-based protection. Integration with System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager's Central Console allows unified management, monitoring, and remediation support for SCDPM 2012 environments. (Learn about Progent's Microsoft Azure planning and cloud integration consulting services.)

SCDPM 2012's use of disk-based backup gives you the speed and reliability you need to preserve your critical business data without degrading network performance, while SCDPM 2012's tape support simplifies compliance with internal, contractual or regulatory data retention requirements. SCDPM 2012's support for site-to-site backup makes it a viable platform for enterprise-class disaster recovery, and SCDPM 2012's simplicity of operation and low cost of implementation makes it an ideal backup-and-restore solution for small and midsize organizations as well.

Progent's Microsoft-certified consulting team can help businesses to design, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot a backup system built on System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager. Progent can assist you to upgrade from prior versions of Data Protection Manager or from a different backup platform, and Progent can tune your DPM 2012 environment for on-premises, hosted, cloud-based, or hybrid deployment models. Progent offers remote or onsite consulting expertise and can deliver as-needed help in resolving your most challenging issues, or end-to-end project management or co-management services to ensure your Data Protection Manager initiative is successfully completed on schedule and on budget. Progent also offers Data Protection Manager 2016 migration consulting to help you migrate smoothly from Data Protection Manager 2012 to Data Protection Manager 2016 so you can benefit from SCDPM 2016's integration with Windows Server 2016.

Data Protection Manager Architecture
Microsoft designed Data Protection Manager with special attention to protecting Microsoft servers and workloads. By supporting Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) and other key protection features built into Microsoft servers and applications, SCDPM 2012 can transparently backup and rapidly restore Microsoft-specific entities such as Exchange DAG groups, the distributed components of SharePoint farms, and Windows Hyper-V Clustered Shared Volumes (CSVs). This allows administrators who are not experts in any or all of these technologies to recover data easily and accurately. SCDPM 2012 continuously protects the core Microsoft server workloads to a SCDPM 2012 server, which then allows disk-based recovery and tape-based, long-term archival storage for a complete backup and recovery solution. The scalability of SCDPM 2012 has been enhanced so that a single SCDPM server can support up to 800 virtual machines and 3,000 Windows clients.

System Center Data Protection Manager Consultants

The Problem with Tape Technology
Experienced IT managers know that when it's time to go into disaster recovery mode, the tape backup system is often one of the biggest disasters. The traditional model of tape-based backup is fraught with problems. Tape is slow, unreliable, and requires meticulous management. Microsoft's reported in-house operational experience indicates a 17% failure rate for its tape devices. Basically, for a tape-based restore procedure to be successful, too many things have to go right:

  • IT managers need to have fast access to all the backup media required for a specific recovery
  • All tapes must have no unreadable spots despite the fact that, in typical situations, they have been subject to physical wear by being rewritten many times
  • Tapes must have been stored in the right environmental conditions to remain usable
  • The software catalogs managing those tapes must not be corrupted
  • Complex electromechanical tape drives must be available and working properly
The decisive disadvantage of tape as a backup-and-restore technology is that tape is slow. Tape backup typically calls for routinely scheduled system downtime, and tape-based recovery procedures can take intolerably long even when everything is working perfectly. Virtually all facets of contemporary businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on ready access to digital information, and the amount of data that companies generate to remain competitive is expanding dramatically. This growing reliance on networked data makes every minute of downtime more calamitous, while the ballooning volume of data being created adds steadily to the time required for tape-based backup and recovery.

Finally, tape-based backup and recovery regimes are logistically complex and demand substantial time and care to administer. Media has to be managed, cataloged, and stored in a way that allows for consistent backup and accurate recovery, but issues such as personnel changes, company relocations, the need to accommodate remote offices, maintaining tape-friendly temperature and humidity in the storage facility, and the hassle of validation testing all invite human error or omission and inflate IT budgets. In essence, while tape technology remains a popular and often mandated means of long-term archiving, it has become obsolete as a medium for primary backup.

Disk Drives to the Rescue
Microsoft System Center 2010 Data Protection Manager radically changed the reliability and usability aspects of backup and restore. The key innovation was that SCDPM 2010 offered an intelligent disk-to-disk based backup solution. SCDPM 2012 builds on the concept of disk-to-disk primary backup and adds key enhancements including seamless cloud-based backup and recovery based on Microsoft Azure Backup for improved disaster recovery, lower investment cost for off-site infrastructure, and simplified recovery management.

The basic idea is simple. You configure an SCDPM 2012 server with sufficient disk storage to hold a complete replica of all the data you want to protect from your servers and workstations along with space for the historical changes you want to keep. For a 30-day history this may require somewhere in the range of 1.5 to two times the protected data space. The actual disk capacity needed is highly dependent on how often your data changes. Since disks are inexpensive and getting more affordable all the time, storage costs are relatively trivial for most IT organizations.

What is more significant is that an SCDPM 2012 server can be built with highly fault-tolerant components such as redundant power supplies and ample redundant cooling. By configuring high-availability storage arrays, reliability is far higher than with tape-based systems.

Microsoft leveraged key Windows technologies to make System Center Data Protection Manager the backup-and-restore solution of choice for Windows environments. The foundation of SCDPM is the use of Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) for creating and maintaining extremely compact differentials. It does this both on the protected server for efficiently replicating change differentials over the network to the SCDPM server, and also on the SCDPM server itself for efficiently storing the historical snapshots, or recovery points, used to recover data.

You can gain almost continuous data protection by replicating data from your protected servers as often as every 15 minutes. This means that if you have a failure on your server, in the worst case you can restore it to the last 15 minutes. This is far beyond the practical capability of tape-based backup systems. Basically, the SCDPM server always has a complete and up-to-date replica of all protected data. SCDPM takes further advantage of disk technology by storing the data in a Windows format file system that you can directly navigate with Windows Explorer. SCDPM actually creates separate disk volumes for each protected server.

Thanks to support for disk-to-disk restoration, SCDPM can reduce network recovery time from hours to minutes and make administrative tasks far more intuitive than with tape-based solutions.

The New Standard in Fault-tolerant Data Backup and Restore
SCDPM offers significantly more granular control over your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) than tape-based systems. On the SCDPM server, you can take snapshots for historical restorations based on a schedule that matches a variety of protection requirements. For example, you can schedule daily, twice a day, three times a day, hourly, or 15 minute snapshots, and you can define a separate snapshot schedule for each protected server or share. Your accounting server, for instance, may require frequent snapshots so you can recover to a specific moment in the day, while other servers may be fine with daily snapshots. The bottom line is that Microsoft's System Center Data Protection Manager is flexible enough to handle almost any environment.

The obvious question with disk-to-disk backup is what happens if a natural disaster or other catastrophic event such as fire or theft wipes out all your local servers including your SCDPM server? One way to prepare for this is to back up your SCDPM server to a separate SCDPM server at a collocation site. Collocation facilities are affordable, offer geographic dispersion, and provide high levels of redundancy for power, Internet connectivity, and environmental controls. With SCDPM 2012, you can integrate SCDPM with Azure Backup, Microsoft's cloud-based protection platform. This can provide the off-site storage and high-availability infrastructure needed for advanced disaster recovery without the CAPEX requirements and management headaches associated with a conventional off-site datacenter. This solution can also be a practical alternative to using tape for long-term backups because it leverages the effectively "bottomless" capacity and nominal 99-year storage capability of Azure Backup. (Tape backup may still be required to meet regulatory requirements.)

An important feature of SCDPM that supports off-site backup is the ability to perform highly efficient over-the-wire compression for all transferred data. This can easily result in about a 5-1 compression ratio and theoretically can go as high as 10-1. Once the initial replica is established, backups are further streamlined by the fact that SCDPM sends only differentials and utilizes inherently fast hard disk technology. As a result, SCDPM-based backup works well with the WAN bandwidth typically utilized by any business.

For your original data replica, which can't take advantage of differentials, a time-saving technique for small businesses is to create the replica manually. For example, in the case that you add a new large server to be protected and your SCDPM server is in a collocation facility, you can simply copy all the data from the new server to a USB hard drive, bring the hard drive to the collocation facility, and upload the data directly. You can then perform a consistency check that will quickly and intelligently update anything that has changed with the data set since you made the manual copy. From that point, you are backed up and ready for any emergency.

System Center Data Protection Manager also supports bandwidth throttling so you can keep bandwidth use low during the business day and crank it up to use all the available bandwidth in the middle of the night. SCDPM has the speed and versatility to match your performance needs and to adapt easily as your business evolves.

Tape-based archiving is efficiently supported by SCDPM. There is an option for performing tape backups via the SCDPM server for off-site tape protection, which may be required for regulatory or compliance. Another powerful feature of SCDPM is that tape backups copy the replica data set residing on the SCDPM server and therefore don't needlessly consume WAN bandwidth. SCDPM also gives you the option to have a second SCDPM server configured to back up the primary SCDPM server's data so you can have a local SCDPM server as well as an off-site backup SCDPM server in order to improve fault tolerance and optimize recovery speed.

Using System Center Data Protection Manager with Microsoft SQL Server
SCDPM 2012 can protect Microsoft SQL Server 2000 through SQL Server 2012, including SAP workloads, and handles advanced SQL Server cluster configurations. For enhanced reliability and performance, SCDPM 2012 supports the use of clustered SQL Server nodes for its database. As evidence of SCDPM's capability, Microsoft protects their own enterprise SQL Servers with System Center Data Protection Manager. SCDPM 2012 includes the ability to protect an entire instance of SQL Server so all new databases are protected automatically, expanded capacity to handle up to 2,000 databases, and a self-service restore capability that allows administrators to restore their own databases.

SCDPM can backup regular data files as well as the system state of a server, and it also works efficiently with servers that maintain databases/transactional log files. SCDPM is especially efficient as a backup and restore mechanism for Microsoft SQL Server because it intelligently integrates with the SQL Server VSS writers. Since SCDPM uses core VSS services, it will backup all files, open or not, to at least a snapshot recovery level. As a result, you never have to worry about open file issues. SCDPM 2012 can also protect SQL Server 2012 databases that use the AlwaysOn feature, including database clusters and SharePoint farm databases with SQL Server AlwaysOn enabled.

In between express full copy captures, the standard SQL Server transaction logging mechanism is used to offer up-to-the-minute protection. The log files themselves are replicated by SCDPM. In case a recovery is required, the most recent SCDPM differential backup can be combined with the most recent set of transaction logs to provide rapid restoration.

For information about Progent's Microsoft-certified support services for SQL Server, refer to Microsoft SQL Server Consulting.

Using System Center Data Protection Manager with Microsoft Exchange Server
SCDPM 2012 supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013, and can now protect Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 database availability groups (DAGs). SCDPM includes the ability to provide tailored, application-aware protection for Exchange Server and addresses a granularity problem that has historically been a major headache for Exchange administrators. Exchange backup APIs are designed to back up entire databases. However, if you want to restore an individual mailbox or public folder, you have in the past had two choices: either restore the entire database or switch to third-party mailbox-level backup tools. SCDPM allows you to protect one or more storage groups as a whole, while still giving you the ability to restore individual mailboxes.

SCDPM also offers 'lossless recovery' of Exchange Server data. This means that after SCDPM has restored your email databases to the latest recovery point, and updated all of the synchronized transaction logs, SCDPM can automatically reapply the surviving Exchange transaction logs from the production server to the very last committed email message, bringing the Exchange server completely forward.

SCDPM improves the performance of your Exchange Server by offloading the typical ESEUTIL operations that most backup applications impose on the production server. The SCDPM server takes car of this on the redundant data, conserving the bandwidth on the production Exchange Server.

To learn more about Progent's support for Microsoft Exchange Server, see Microsoft Exchange Server Consulting.

Using Data Protection Manager with Virtual Servers
The 2012 version of SCDPM offers continuous protection for virtual machines (VMs) powered by Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and through integration with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) can provide consistent protection even during a Hyper-V Live Migration process. For users of VMware, a way to reduce disaster recovery time drastically is to build an SCDPM server with enough CPU and RAM resources to create a system that allows you quick recovery from a failed virtual machine host server. Since the SCDPM server always has an exact replica of all the virtual machine guest files, in the event the virtual machine host fails, and by having a virtual server installed on the SCDPM server, you can choose to boot those replica images as running machines and take your time in restoring the original failed virtual machine host server. This means you could be up in minutes with all your virtual machine guests even with a complete failure of the original virtual machine host. Adding to the time savings, the entire operation can be accomplished remotely.

The performance of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V over Cluster Shared Volumes (CSVs) 2.0 deployments has been improved in SCDPM 2012, which offers a 900% increase in Express Full Backup speed, allows parallel backups, and supports SMB shares. In addition, SCDPM 2012 allows you to scale out protection of Hyper-V clusters, removing the previous limit of a one-to-one relationship between a Hyper-V cluster and an SCDPM server. The SCDPM protection agent that runs on a VM can be attached to multiple SCDPM servers, making it possible to add the VM to a protection group on any of the recognized SCDPM servers.

Additional Enhancements to System Center R2 Data Protection Manager
SCDPM 2012 includes significant improvements in the areas of cloud support, virtualization, centralized management, self service, performance, and optimizations for protecting Microsoft workloads. To learn more about these enhancements and to find out how Progent can help you benefit from them, see SCDPM 2012 Planning and Implementation Consulting.

How Progent Can Help You Benefit from Microsoft Data Protection Manager
Progent's Microsoft-certified Data Protection Manager consultants can help you create practical recovery plans, design an affordable fault-tolerant network infrastructure, deploy a SCDPM-based backup and restore solution, thoroughly test your system, show your IT staff or local consultants how to manage Microsoft SCDPM, or handle complete IT outsourcing services including off-site hosting of virtual or physical SCDPM servers in Progent's datacenter.

Progent's consultants can use industry best practices to help you:

  • Define your recovery goals and establish a protection policy to meet them
  • Design an efficient multi-site network topology for SCDPM
  • Configure Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint to run with SCDPM 2012
  • Configure Protection Groups and Storage Pools
  • Calculate and allocate disk space for backup
  • Define custom volumes
  • Plan tape library rotation and management
  • Install Protection Agents on computers inside and outside your firewall
  • Integrate SCDPM 2012 with System Center 2012 Operations Manager (SCOM 2012) and with System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM 2012)
  • Integrate SCDPM 2012 with Microsoft's Azure Backup for cloud-based protection
  • Optimize backup and recovery performance

Progent's cybersecurity experts have earned prestigious certifications from internationally recognized network security institutions. Progent can provide the support of CISA-certified security audit consultants, CISM-certified security management experts, CISSP-certified cybersecurity professionals, GIAC-certified information assurance consultants, and CISSP-ISSAP certified security architecture experts. To be awarded credentials from these organizations, security consultants must have both proven experience and demonstrated knowledge of industry best practices for business continuity planning and disaster recovery. For more information about Progent's security engineers and their services, visit Network Security Services.

Other Non-stop Technologies Offered by Progent's Consultants
Progent's certified support professionals can help you to design a cost-effective, fault-tolerant system that addresses key challenges encompassing a broad range of networking technologies and processes such as:

Business Continuity Planning
Progent's business continuity consultants can help you create a workplace recovery strategy that will allow you to resume IT operations in the event of an IT system catastrophe. Progent can assist you to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that incorporates scheduled disaster recovery assessments and drills. Progent's Microsoft and Cisco-certified consultants can also show you how to create an affordable, high-availability system solution that addresses availability issues covering a broad array of infrastructure technologies and processes. To find out more, go to Workplace Recovery Expertise.

Managed Cloud Backup: ProSight Data Protection Services
ProSight Data Protection Services provide small and mid-sized organizations a low cost end-to-end solution for reliable backup/disaster recovery (BDR). For a low monthly rate, ProSight DPS automates and monitors your backup activities and enables rapid recovery of vital files, apps and VMs that have become unavailable or damaged as a result of component breakdowns, software glitches, disasters, human error, or malicious attacks such as ransomware. ProSight DPS can help you protect, recover and restore files, folders, apps, system images, as well as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware images/. Critical data can be backed up on the cloud, to a local storage device, or mirrored to both. Progent's BDR specialists can provide world-class expertise to configure ProSight DPS to to comply with regulatory standards like HIPAA, FINRA, PCI and Safe Harbor and, whenever necessary, can assist you to recover your business-critical information. Find out more about ProSight Data Protection Services Managed Cloud Backup and Recovery.

Windows Server 2016 Disaster Recovery
Progent's Windows Server 2016 disaster recovery experts can assist you to plan and deploy a DR system based on Microsoft's most advanced Failover Clustering tools such as Cluster OS Rolling Upgrade for non-disruptive migration to Windows Server 2016, Storage Replica for crash-consistent recovery, Storage Spaces Direct for high-performance network-attached storage using commodity hardware, Virtual Machine Load Balancing for enhancing the performance and fault-tolerance of Failover Clusters while minimizing capital investment and management overhead, and Cloud Witness for fast, economical creation of a failover cluster quorum witness. For details, see Microsoft Server 2016 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Help.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Failover Clustering
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 brought enterprise-class fault tolerance and recoverability to Microsoft's failover clustering solution. Windows Server 2012 R2 builds on this foundation and delivers important enhancements offering more scalability, better storage uptime for server applications, easier management, faster failover, and additional flexibility for architecting failover clusters. To learn more, go to Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Clustering Consulting Services.

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Disaster Recovery Solutions
VMware's Site Recovery Manager is a component of VMware vCenter that allows you to specify, automate and test a repeatable workflow for restoring applications and services rapidly after an outage. Site Recovery Manager supports centrally managed and automated recovery, application mobility, and transparent site migration, failback and re-protect. Site Recovery Manager also enables transparent testing for disaster recovery, upgrades and patches and can generate reports to confirm full service recovery, validate Service Level Agreements and prove DR compliance. Progent offers the support of a VCDX certified VMware SRM consultant to help your organization to design, deploy, test and manage a DR system powered by VMware SRM.

NetApp MetroCluster Disaster Recovery Technology
NetApp MetroCluster is a high-availability and disaster recovery platform that uses array-based storage clustering along with continual replication to provide rapid, zero data loss disaster recovery between sites located up to 185 miles apart. Progent offers the skills of a certified NetApp MetroCluster consultant who can help you to plan, configure, administer, update, test and troubleshoot a disaster recovery system built around NetApp MetroCluster. Progent can help you to choose a topology for your MetroCluster deployment that meets your functional needs and budget. Progent can make sure you follow leading practices for installing your MetroCluster solution by delivering guidance with procedures such as assigning shelf IDs, determining aggregate layout, setting up NetApp FlexVol volumes, setting up Data ONTAP configuration replication service, provisioning switches, implementing a tiebreaker mechanism, setting up a configuration replication network between your peered clusters, and verifying your disaster recovery solution to verify adherence with industry standards and regulatory mandates.

High Availability Load Balancing
Progent provides fault tolerant load balancing support that addresses system load balancing, load balanced programs, LAN/WAN infrastructure routing, and content delivery technology including F5 Networks 3DNS. Fault tolerant load balancing technologies for which Progent offers consulting services include Windows 2003 and 2008 Server Network Load Balancing Manager, Citrix Metaframe and Access Gateway, Cisco CSS, Cisco Distributed Director and LocalDirector 400 series, and F5 Networks BIG-IP. For more information, go to Fault Tolerant Load Balancing.

Zero Downtime Internet Data Centers
Progent's Data Center professionals can show you how to find zero-downtime data centers that match the specific needs of your company. Fault tolerant co-location sites are especially appealing to small and mid-size organizations due to of their low cost and simplified logistics in comparison to taking a do-it-yourself strategy. Trying to design an on-site data center that offers even a minimum level of fault tolerance is financially prohibitive for most small companies. Progent can help you get all the benefits of 24x7 Internet data centers by offering a full array of engineering and support services. For details, see High-Availability Internet Data Centers Solutions.

Fault Tolerant Branch Office Networking
Progentís multi-site connection consultants can help organizations create zero-downtime branch office connections by means of fully redundant system architectures with transparent failover. Progentís Cisco-certified CCIE engineers can plan and implement ultra-reliable Inter-office networks supported by fault tolerant EIGRP routers or non-stop OSPF configurations of Cisco routers. Progent can show you how multi-path connectivity and automatic fail-over offers affordable non-stop interoffice connectivity. To learn more, see Fault Tolerant Inter-office Networking.

24x7 Internet Access
Progent's Cisco-certified network consultants can help you build an economical, fault tolerant Internet connection architecture that can deliver 24x7 Internet connectivity through a wide range of fault tolerant Internet access technologies including fault tolerant BGP, automatic fail-over, and multiple ISPs. Progent offers Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert professionals to help you apply the most up-to-date technology for fault tolerant Internet connectivity to build a cost-effective, fully redundant Internet network with automatic failover and other capabilities to deliver fault tolerant Internet connections. For details, see Fault Tolerant Internet Connectivity Architecture.

Backup and Recovery Technology Consulting
Progent offers affordable online access to engineers skilled in a broad range of products and services that deliver solutions for protecting Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux/UNIX servers and desktops as well as notebooks and smartphones. Progent offers consulting support for leading backup products including Acronis, Symantec Backup Exec, BackupAssist Software, CrashPlan, Double-Take Backup, Mozy, Retrospect for Macintosh, Time Machine, VMware Data Recovery, and Oracle Solaris FLARs. Progent's consultants can help your company to deploy, enhance, or troubleshoot backup/restore systems for a range of topologies including on-premises, remote, cloud, or hybrid. For more information, see Backup and Restore Solutions Expertise.

Barracuda Backup Cloud and Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery
Barracuda Backup is a low-cost, subscription-based backup and disaster recovery platform for small and mid-size businesses. A Barracuda Backup solution can incorporate a custom-designed physical appliance manufactured by Barracuda or a software-based appliance with similar functionality but which uses your existing storage hardware. Barracuda Backup safeguards critical company data generated on-premises, at one or multiple remote sites, or in the cloud. For disaster protection, you can replicate data to the Barracuda Cloud, to Amazon AWS, or to any site with a Barracuda appliance. Progent is a Barracuda partner and Progent's Barracuda Backup consulting experts can provide a broad array of consulting services to assist you to design, configure, manage and repair a BDR system built on Barracuda Backup. For details, see Barracuda Backup and disaster recovery consulting.

Altaro VM Backup Software for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
Altaro VM Backup software provides small organizations a reliable and affordable platform for backing up and recovering Hyper-V and VMware-based VMs. Altaro VM Backup can be used for local, offsite, multi-site, and cloud environments and also supports cost-effective cloud backup to Microsoft Azure storage. Top capabilities include state-of-the-art inline deduplication to reduce backup storage requirements, Continuous Data Protection with backup intervals as little as five minutes for minimizing your Recovery Point Objective (RPO), military-grade encryption, item-level recovery options for individual files and emails, support for Windows CSV and for vCenter for handling larger environments, and the ability to leverage Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to back up online VMs with zero downtime. Progent is a certified Altaro partner and can provide a broad range of services to help you to design, install, manage and troubleshoot a backup/restore system based on Altaro VM Backup software. To find out more, see Altaro VM Backup Consulting Services.

Consulting Services Double-Take Software for Backup
Double-Take offers a selection of products intended to deliver small and midsize businesses a range of affordable alternatives for backing up and recovering business-critical applications such as Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL, Blackberry, and SharePoint. Progentís disaster recovery planning experts have in-depth experience integrating Double-Take Software products into small company information networks to achieve an advanced state of availability and disaster recovery capability at a budget-friendly cost. To find out more, see Consulting Services Double-Take Software for Backup.

CRISC-Premier Network Risk Mitigation
The CRISC program was established by ISACA in 2010 to verify an IT professional's skills to plan, implement, and maintain IS control mechanisms to reduce risk. Progent can provide the expertise of a CRISC-certified engineer to assist your company to develop and carry out a business continuity or disaster recovery plan that follows industry best practices identified by CRISC and geared to align with your organization's risk appetite, business goals, and budgetary guidelines. For more information, see CRISC-Premier network risk mitigation experts.

Why Pick Progent for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning Solutions?
Because Progent is a Microsoft Partner and offers high-level application expertise for a wide range of small business software programs, Progent is able to assist customers to find complete IT solutions that maximize the productivity of your IT network. As a Registered Partner with Cisco, Progent offers the services of premier consultants and specialists with expertise in designing, implementing and managing infrastructure environments based on Cisco products. The extent of Progent's IT experience and Progent's sensitivity to the needs of small companies make Progent the ideal partner for creating and running an affordable, high-availability network.

How You Can Get Help from Progent's Experts for Fault Tolerant Computing Support
In order to get in touch with Progent about engineering support for fault tolerant infrastructure, call 1-800-993-9400 or visit Contact Progent.

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    Cisco Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM or Unified CM), originally branded CallManager, acts as the foundation of Cisco's communications and collaboration solution. Unified CM and Unified Communications Manager Express provide an advanced IP-PBX by integrating with apps like Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service with Jabber support, Unity Express for voicemail, Mobile Connect for Single Number Reach (SNR, and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise for building a highly automated customer contact center. Progent's CCIE-certified consultants can deliver efficient and budget-friendly online and onsite expertise to assist organizations of any size to create and maintain CUCM deployments by providing Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration and troubleshooting services that add maximum productivity. Progent can assist with any facet of CUCM setup and troubleshooting in areas that include integrating Cisco Voice over IP phones and Video phones, reviewing dial plans, setting up SIP trunking and PSTN calling, installing Cisco ISR routers with CUBE VoIP networking support, creating Cisco UCS server failover systems for high availability, performance tuning, and integration with Microsoft Exchange Server and Skype for Business.

  • Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 Consultants ISA Server 2006 Network Consultants
  • Internet Security and Acceleration Server Online Consulting Remote Troubleshooting Internet Security and Acceleration Server
  • Kansas City Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX Specialist Online Support Services Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX
  • Larimer County Colorado Remote Workforce Fort Collins Guidance - Conferencing Systems Consulting Experts Top Ranked Fort Collins Offsite Workforce Voice/Video Conferencing Technology Consulting Experts Fort Collins Colorado
  • Network Consultant SCDPM 2012
  • Linux Network Monitoring, Nagios and MRTG Technology Professional MRTG IT Consulting
  • MCSE Consulting Work From Home Job Pacific Grove Microsoft Consulting Telecommuting Jobs Carmel, US
  • Mandrake Linux, Solaris, UNIX IT Services Spokane, WA Top Technology Consulting Services Gentoo Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX Spokane, WA
  • Miami, FL Security Security Consultants CISSP information Systems Audit Miami

  • Computer Engineer SharePoint
    Specialist SharePoint Server

    Progentís Microsoft-certified experts offer companies of any size consulting, technical support, and development expertise for SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online. Microsoft SharePoint is an advanced collaboration platform that utilizes web technology for intelligently coordinating people, groups and information. Microsoft SharePoint offers a common spot for your employees or clients to access, organize, distribute and manipulate relevant information, documents, and applications and to communicate with other people. Microsoft SharePoint allows quicker and better decisions, more effective sharing across groups and more economical business practices. Windows SharePoint Services join employees, clients, workgroups and projects with the data theyíve created in a manner that makes data easy to locate, download and re-use. Progent's certified SharePoint consultants can help you to manage your current SharePoint solution or upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint Server or to SharePoint Online.

  • Microsoft MCITP Remote Consulting Full-Time Job Microsoft MCP Consultant Home Based Virtual Office Oklahoma City, OK
  • Microsoft SQL 2008 Setup Service Rio de Janeiro, RJ SQL Server 2012 Services Rio de Janeiro
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Technology Support Charlotte, United States SQL Server 2014 Integration Group
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Online Support Services Sacramento - Citrus Heights 24/7 Microsoft SharePoint Server Support and Integration Sacramento California
  • MySQL database Migration MySQL Community Edition Trainer
  • Operations Manager Technology Consulting Services Technical Consultant Operations Manager
  • Outsourcing IT Cisco Ottawa, ON Cisco Firewall Experts Quebec
  • Philadelphia Offsite Workforce Endpoint Security Solutions Expertise Philadelphia Harrisburg Remote Workers Philadelphia Consulting and Support Services - Endpoint Security Solutions Expertise Philadelphia

  • Developer Firms Power View
    FRx Developer Firms

    Progent offers remote and on premises consulting to help you with any facet of business intelligence (BI) reporting ranging from debugging or modernizing applications to designing and implementing an advanced BI solution. Progent's BI experts can assist your company to maintain your existing BI system, assist you to migrate reports and databases from a discontinued reporting product to a current solution, and deliver as-needed remote training tailored to your individual needs. Progentís business reporting professionals can provide experience in all popular BI reporting tools including the SQL Server business intelligence stack (Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services), Management Reporter/FRx, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, Power BI, Excel business analytics tools such as Power Pivot and Power View, and Report Builder.

  • Position Cisco Certified Consulting Raleigh Durham Cary Microsoft MCA Support Virtual Office Job Durham, U.S.A.
  • Remote Addison Consulting Support for IT Service Providers Addison-Richardson Top Rated Addison Consultants for IT Service Organizations Addison-Richardson, TX

  • Hyper-V 3.0 Virtual Server Consult
    Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 Server Consolidation Setup and Support

    Progent's certified consultants can help you evaluate the potential benefits of Hyper-V-based server virtualization for your company, perform pilot installations to validate Hyper-V's compatibility with your production applications, assess your network infrastructure for optimal performance with virtual server solutions, assist you in migrating to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and configuring Hyper-V, educate your IT personnel to track and manage Hyper-V, offer expert consulting support for enhancing the security of your virtual machines, establish and validate business continuity procedures that optimize system availability, and deliver ongoing consulting and technical support including low-cost online repair and comprehensive Help Desk outsourcing.

  • Reno-Washoe Specialist 24-Hour Microsoft Certified Partner Reno, NV Small Business Network Consulting Company
  • Network Consultants SCDPM 2012 Disaster Recovery
  • Rhode Island Network Management Services Rhode Island Integration Services
  • Sandy Springs At Home Workforce Conferencing Systems Consultants Sandy Springs-Kennesaw, America 24-7 Work from Home Employees Sandy Springs Assistance - Voice/Video Conferencing Systems Consulting Sandy Springs
  • Savannah Information Technology Management Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Windows 2008 Server Computer Services Chatham County Georgia

  • Cybersecurity Group ISSAP Certified
    Juniper Netscreen Security Group

    For smaller organizations, network security and regulatory compliance is too complex to master yet too risky to ignore. The largest largest enterprises have been hacked, and the top cloud services have on occasion been taken down. It seems as though there's no place to run. Progent makes it affordable for smaller organizations to implement vital IT security projects effectively by providing the advantage of billable time to the closest minute with no minimum billing for online help. You can have access to a seasoned information expert to provide just the help you need whenever you need it. Progentís CISA, CISM, GIAC, CISSP and ISSAP certified consultants can help your business with any level of system security including security audits, malware defense and recovery, spam and email content filtering, email data leak protection, compliance reporting, and creating a comprehensive security plan.

  • Seattle Telecommuters Integration Consulting Services Seattle Washington Seattle Seattle Work from Home Employees Infrastructure Guidance
  • Security information Systems Audit New England CISSP Network Security Audit Boston, United States
  • SharePoint 2010 Consulting Services Pasadena, CA Pasadena, CA, America Immediate Integration SharePoint Server 2007
  • Small Business Outsourcing IT SQL Server 2019 Hayward California SQL 2012 Outsourcing Company Hayward California
  • Small Office IT Consultants Exchange Server 2019 Aurora Colorado, USA Aurora Colorado Technical Support Outsource Exchange Server 2016
  • Supplemetary IT Staffing for IT Support Groups Allen County Indiana IT Staff Temps for Computer Support Groups Allen County Indiana
  • Specialist SCDPM 2012 and SQL Server
  • Support Outsourcing At Home Workers Cloud Integration Remote Consulting Work from Home Cloud Integration
  • Tech Outsourcing Microsoft Computer Knoxville, Knox County, US Top Remote Help Desk Phone Support
  • Technical Support Forefront TMG Firewall Threat Management Gateway Help and Support

  • Windows Server 2008 DirectAccess Computer Consulting
    Windows Server 2008 R2 Engineer

    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 offers outstanding levels of speed, security, fault tolerance, scalability, and versatility that improve productivity of local, branch office, and mobile users. Progent's network experts can provide affordable online consulting, technical support, and education services to assist your company to plan, implement, and manage Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 to add substantial strategic value to your network.

  • Telecommuters Atlanta Guidance - Support Guidance Atlanta At Home Workforce Integration Consulting and Support Services Atlanta Georgia

  • Small Business WAP500 AP Support Services
    Online Consulting Small Business WAP351

    Progent's Cisco-certified wireless integration experts can help organizations to deploy, administer, and debug Cisco Small Business 100/300/500 Wi-Fi APs.

  • SCDPM 2012 Backup and Recovery Support and Setup
  • Temporary Staffing Support Services Consulting Specialist San Mateo California Supplemetary IT Staffing for Computer Support Groups San Mateo, CA

  • SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Consulting
    Microsoft SQL Server Network Engineer

    Progent's Microsoft-certified SQL Server programmers and DBAs can provide remote consulting to assist organizations of any size to build, manage, and troubleshoot applications powered by the Microsoft SQL Server platform and Microsoft's .NET architecture. Progent's SQL Server consultants offer support for any element of the application life cycle in environments that range from small business or departmental databases to N-tier VLDB applications and enterprise-class data warehousing.

  • Top Ranked Uniondale, Long Island, New York Tech Support For Small Business Tech Support Uniondale-Hempstead
  • Ubuntu Linux, Solaris, UNIX Outsourcing Dallas, TX Support Services Redhat Linux, Solaris, UNIX Dallas Texas
  • Ubuntu Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX Online Consulting California Central Valley Mandrake Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX IT Consultants Fresno County

  • Microsoft SCOM 2012 Migration Configuration
    Microsoft SCOM 2012 Migration Support

    Progent's Microsoft-certified consultants have over a decade of background planning, implementing, enhancing and troubleshooting SCOM environments and can provide companies of any size advanced online or onsite consulting support for SCOM 2012. Progent can help you to plan a topology for System Center 2012 Operations Manager servers that provides the responsiveness and resilience needed to monitor your datacenter efficiently, whether your infrastructure are onsite, in the cloud, or a mixed environment. Progent can also assist you to import and set up Microsoft SCOM 2012 management packs according to best practices for monitoring network infrastructure as well as both Microsoft and 3rd-party apps and services. In addition, Progent can provide responsive online or on-premises troubleshooting to assist you to remediate serious issues detected by System Center 2012 Operations Manager.

  • Union City CA MCSA MCDBA MCIPT Support Remote Support Job Desktop Consultant Jobs Available Berkeley, United States
  • Urgent Network Technical Support Organizations Petaluma, CA Microsoft and Cisco Consulting Service Firm Sonoma CA
  • Wichita, Sedgwick County Firewall Firewall Configure CISSP Cybersecurity Consultancies
  • Windows Computer Network Firms Massachusetts Boston, MA, Worcester, MA, Springfield, MA, Lowell, MA, Cambridge, MA Windows IT Service Providers
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Deduplication Onsite Technical Support Consulting Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Virtual Switch
  • Windows Software Outsourcing Consultant Salt Lake City, Tooele County 24 Hour Network Admin Companies Windows Server 2012 Salt Lake City Utah
  • Wireless LAN Site Survey IT Services Wi-Fi RF Spectrum Analysis for Wi-Fi Configuration

  • QTS Data Center Consultant
    QTS Sacramento Data Center Services

    The QTS Internet Data Center facility is located in the earthquake-neutral Natomas area of Sacramento, CA. If your company is now using the QTS data center as a colocation site or if your company is planning on migrating your main or offsite backup equipment to the Herakles data center, Progent can provide a variety of affordable services such as data center migration, system installation and updates, network improvements, comprehensive project management, virtualization configuration, remote monitoring, centralized system administration, software programming, disaster recovery/business continuity solutions, data security evaluation, and the support of the Progent Test Lab.

  • SCDPM 2012 and Hyper-V Online Help
  • Work at Home Employees Consulting Experts nearby Downers Grove - Support Expertise Downers Grove-Naperville, IL Downers Grove-Naperville, Illinois Work at Home Employees Downers Grove Consulting - Support Expertise
  • Work at Home Employees Minneapolis Guidance - Collaboration Systems Guidance Minneapolis, America Minneapolis, United States Telecommuters Minneapolis Guidance - Collaboration Solutions Expertise

  • 24/7 Nationwide Remote Design Companies
    Emergency Minnesota Information Technology Outsourcing Company

    Progentís Technical Response Center (TRC) offers low-cost nationwide extended hours remote troubleshooting for computer systems powered by Windows and Cisco technology. Progent's Microsoft and Cisco-Premier service experts provide 24x7 telephone help and online secure computer access to isolate and resolve network problems quickly and affordably.

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