Windows Server 2008 Fault Tolerant Clustering ConsultingClustering is a key technique to achieve maximum fault tolerance. A cluster is a collection of computer systems responsible for running a shared set of applications and services. The systems in the cluster are interconnected through hardware and software in such a way that in case any component in the cluster stops functioning, the workload will "failover" to, or be assumed by, another system in the cluster without a disruption of service.

Failover clustering clearly has an advantage in increasing network availability in the case of a hardware breakdown, but it also allows non-disruptive system maintenance for environments that have no time window when key applications such as email or web commerce can be taken offline without hurting business. For geographically dispersed environments, multi-site clustering provides insurance against natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

The Enterprise and Datacenter editions of Windows Server 2008 included significant improvements in failover clustering such as easier deployment, management, and migration; enhanced support for multi-site clusters; improved security architecture and quorum models; stronger authentication and encryption; and more efficient tools for backup and recovery. Windows Server 2008 R2 offers even more advanced support for clustering through the addition of features that make clusters more secure, more available, and easier to manage. Major clustering improvements in Windows Server 2008 R2 include Live Migration support through Cluster Shared Volumes, enhanced support for IPsec security, and expanded cluster storage.

Progent offers a full range of Windows Server 2008 Server consulting services and Windows Server 2008 R2 expertise and can assist businesses of any size to maintain and troubleshoot failover clusters powered by Windows Server 2008. If you are considering an upgrade to a modern version of Windows Server, Progent can provide Windows Server 2019 migration expertise and Windows Server 2016 failover clustering consulting to maximize the availability and performance of your system.

New and Improved Features of Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering
The failover clustering capabilities incorporated into Microsoft Windows 2008 Server represents more than a decade of Microsoft's experience in developing clustering technology. The Enterprise and Datacenter Editions of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 offer a number of new clustering services and capabilities including:

More Convenient Management Interfaces
Windows Server 2008 includes Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0, a new easy-to-use interface for controlling network resources. The new Failover Cluster Administration Console is task oriented rather than cluster resource oriented. To make a file share highly available, for example, the administrator no longer has to create a group, a disk resource, an IP address resource, Network Name, configure IsAlive/LookAlive, configure preferred services, and set dependencies. Instead, the wizard simply asks for the Network Name. You do not necessarily need to assign an IP address because Windows Server 2008 failover clustering now supports DHCP.

Windows Server 2008 also supports remote management via the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT). You can manage multiple clusters throughout the organization from a single MMC. Windows Server 2008 Failover Clusters are also fully scriptable with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

Built-in Cluster Validate Tool
Windows Server 2008 clustering includes a cluster Validate Tool, an expanded and integrated version of the ClusPrep tool released for Windows Server 2003 server clustering. As a part of the cluster configuration process, Validate runs a set of tests to determine whether the selected servers, cluster networks, and storage meet the requirements for failover clustering. Validate performs an inventory that includes BIOS information, operating systems, adapters, drivers and software updates; verifies cluster topology for redundancy; checks IP configuration details; and makes sure that storage can correctly handle simulated cluster actions. The Validate Tool helps prevents configuration errors, which is one of the most common problems encountered in failover clusters.

Support for Windows Server 2008 Server Core
Windows Server 2008 offers a Server Core installation option that supports failover clustering and provides a bare-bones environment for running distinct server roles. By limiting the services that need to be maintained and updated, this minimalist installation reduces support and management expense and enhances security by shrinking the server's attack surface. Server Core supports a variety of important roles including DHCP server, file services, print services, DNS server, Active Directory Domain Services, streaming media services, and Windows Server 2008 virtualization.

Better Storage and Backup Support
Improvements in storage and backup offer increased stability and availability for failover clusters. Support for both Master Boot Record (MBR) and GUID Partition Table (GPT) disks allows the creation of disks greater than 2 terabytes. Built-in logic initiates self healing automatically as long as the system can find either the disk signature in the Master Boot Record or the SCSI inquiry page 0x83 data (VPD).

Support for Storage Area Networking (SAN) solutions is improved for storage hardware that supports SCSI-3 SPC3-compliant SCSI commands for persistent reservation/release. All multi-path solutions are Microsoft Multipath I/O (MPIO). The Device Specific Module (DSM) provided by the storage vendor is responsible for sending PR registration information down each path to the storage system. Closer integration with Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) makes the backup process easier. Failover clustering in Windows Server 2008 has its own VSS.

Greater Expandability
With Windows Server 2008, x64-based failover clusters support up to 16 nodes in a single cluster, as opposed to the maximum of 8 nodes in Windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2008 failover clusters also now support GPT disks, which use the GUID partition table (GPT) disk partitioning system. A GPT disk allows up to 128 primary partitions and a much larger volume size. In comparison, MBR disks can support up to four primary partitions and a volume size limit of up to 2 terabytes. For greater reliability, GPT disks offer replication and cyclical redundancy check (CRC) protection of the partition table. The increased number of nodes plus support for GPT disks dramatically extends the scalability of larger volumes in cluster environments.

A New Quorum Model
Windows Server 2008 introduces a new failover clustering quorum model that incorporates a combination of Microsoft's earlier shared disk and majority node set models. In Windows Server 2008 failover clustering there are now four ways to establish a quorum:

  • No Majority - Disk Only (same as Windows Server 2003 shared disk quorum)
  • Node Majority (same as the Windows Server 2003 majority node set)
  • Node and Disk Majority
  • Node and File Share Majority
The quorum mechanism in Windows Server 2008 no longer requires a shared storage resource for the cluster to function. Quorum now refers to a number of votes which must equate to a majority of nodes. All nodes and disk resources have a vote. This avoids failure points in the old model, which required the disk to be available at all times so that disk failure meant cluster failure.

An Improved Security Model
Windows Server 2008 failover clustering incorporates a new security model that enhances its security and dependability. Changes include:

  • Elimination of the need for a domain user account for the Cluster Service Account (CSA)
  • Better logging and event tracing
  • Transition from unsecure datagram remote procedure call (RPC) communications to TCP-based RPC communications
  • Default enabling Kerberos authentication on all cluster network name resources
  • The ability to audit access to the cluster service via either the Failover Cluster Management snap-in or the cluster command-line interface
  • Ability to secure Inter-Cluster communications.

New Networking Capabilities and More Flexible Dependencies
Windows Server 2008 failover clustering includes a new networking model. Major improvements include:

  • Enhanced support for geographically distributed networks
  • The ability to place cluster nodes on different networks
  • The ability to use DHCP server to assign IP addresses to cluster interfaces
  • Improvements in the cluster heartbeat mechanism
  • Support for IPv6
Administrators no longer have to stretch virtual local area networks across the wide area network to support geographically dispersed servers on different subnets. Failover cluster nodes can now be located on different subnets. Individual cluster nodes can be placed on separate, routed networks, which allows IP Address and Network Name resources to come online when services and applications fail over to remote nodes.

Cluster IP address resources can now get their addressing from DHCP servers as well as from static entries. The cluster heartbeat mechanism has moved from a UDP broadcast health checking mechanism to a UDP unicast communication that it uses a Ping-like Request-Reply process. This allows better security and more reliable packet sequence numbering. Windows Server 2008 supports IPv6 IP Address resources and IPv4 IP Address resources either alone or in combination in a cluster. Clustering also supports 6-4 and Intra-site Automatic Tunneling Addressing Protocol (ISATAP).

Enhancements to Failover Clustering In Windows Server 2008 R2
Major enhancements to Failover Clustering available with Windows Server 2008 R2 include:

  • Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV) with dynamic I/O redirection
  • Geographically dispersed clustering for immunity from natural disasters
  • Easier setup and migration through the new Best Practices Analyzer
  • Redundant Quorum Resource to eliminate single-point failure for the cluster quorum
  • Improved security through support for IPsec security between client and cluster nodes
  • Supports for GPT disks that exceed 2 terabytes in capacity
For more details about the improved Failover Clustering support provided by Windows Server 2008 R2, visit Progent's Consulting Services for Windows Server 2008 R2.

How Progent Can Help You Benefit from Microsoft's Failover Clustering
Progent's Microsoft-certified consultants can help you evaluate the business benefits of Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 failover clustering, set up pilot programs to validate performance and compatibility for your key workloads, develop and execute a cost-effective deployment plan, train your IT staff to manage your clustering environment, and provide ongoing consulting and technical support services remotely or at your site. Progent can also provide comprehensive Help Desk services.

Progent's service professionals can also help you migrate from Windows Server 2003 cluster nodes. This migration requires experience because these two types of nodes cannot share the same cluster, which eliminates a rolling migration.

If you currently have a clustering environment based on Windows Server 2008 R2 and are considering a move to Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2016, Progent can help you plan and carry out a Windows Server 2019 failover clustering upgrade or create a Windows Server 2016 disaster recovery solution.

Progent's CISM, CISA, GIAC, CISSP, and CRISC certified security engineers can assess the protection offered by your cluster environment and can recommend and implement affordable improvements. Progent's security experts can also help you design, document, and test business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

High Availability Technologies Provided by Progent's Experts
Progent's Microsoft and Cisco-certified consultants can help your company to create an efficient, zero-downtime information network that addresses key challenges covering a wide array of networking technologies and operations such as:

Business Continuity Planning
Progent's business continuity planning engineers can help you create a business continuity strategy that will allow you to restore IT operations in the event of an information system disaster. Progent can help you to develop a complete disaster recovery plan that incorporates periodic disaster recovery assessments and drills. Progent's Microsoft and Cisco-certified professionals can also help you create an affordable, fault-tolerant network solution that takes into account reliability issues involving a wide range of infrastructure technologies and processes. To read more, visit Workplace Recovery Consulting and Support Services.

CRISC-Premier Network Risk Mitigation
The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) program was initiated by ISACA in 2010 to validate an IT professional's ability to plan, deploy, and maintain information system controls to mitigate network risk. Progent offers the services of a CRISC-certified engineer to assist your company to create and execute a business continuity or disaster recovery strategy based on industry best practices promoted by CRISC and crafted to match your organization's risk appetite, business goals, and budgetary guidelines. To find out more, see CRISC-Certified IT risk control experts.

Microsoft Server 2019 High Availability Failover Clustering
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 introduced important improvements in capacity, throughput, management, security and compliance, app compatibility, Linux co-existence, Kubernetes technology, and hybrid integration of on-premises and cloud assets. Top enhancements of Microsoft Windows Server 2019 are Windows Admin Center for centralizing the management of hybrid local/cloud deployments, System Insights for taking advantage of advance predictive intelligence to control on-premises environments, Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard for host-intrusion prevention, container networking using Kubernetes, Cluster Sets technology for creating and administering large high-availability scale-out clusters, and Storage Migration Service for simplifying the migration from legacy editions of Windows Server. For more information, go to Windows Server 2019 High Availability Failover Clustering Consulting.

Windows Server 2016 Disaster Recovery
Progent's Windows Server 2016 disaster recovery/business continuity consultants can assist you to plan and deploy a DR system based on Microsoft's most advanced Failover Clustering tools such as Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade for non-intrusive migration to Windows Server 2016, Storage Replica for zero-data-loss Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Storage Spaces Direct for enterprise-class network-attached storage using commodity hardware, VM Load Balancing for improving the speed and resilience of Failover Clusters while reducing TCO and operational expenses, and Cloud Witness for easy, affordable creation of a stretch cluster quorum arbitration point. To learn more, visit Windows Server 2016 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Help.

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Disaster Recovery Solutions
VMware's Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is an extension to VMware vCenter that lets you orchestrate, automate and verify a repeatable runbook for restoring applications and services rapidly after an outage. SRM provides centrally controlled and automated recovery, application mobility, and non-disruptive site relocation, failback and re-protect. SRM also supports non-intrusive testing for site recovery, updates and fixes and can generate reports to confirm complete service restoration, validate Service Level Agreements and demonstrate DR compliance. Progent offers the skills of a VCDX certified VMware SRM consulting expert to help your organization to design, deploy, test and maintain a disaster recovery system based on VMware Site Recovery Manager.

NetApp MetroCluster High Availability and Disaster Recovery Technology
NetApp MetroCluster is a high-availability and disaster recovery software suite that combines array-based storage clustering along with synchronous replication to deliver fast, zero data loss disaster recovery (DR) between datacenters located up to 185 miles away from one another. Progent can provide the skills of a certified NetApp MetroCluster expert who can assist your business to design, deploy, manage, upgrade, test and troubleshoot a disaster recovery system based on NetApp MetroCluster. Progent can assist you to choose an architecture for your MetroCluster environment that meets your functional requirements and IT budget. Progent can make sure you follow best practices for installing your MetroCluster solution by providing help with procedures such as assigning disk pools and shelf IDs, determining plexes layout, setting up FlexVol volumes, setting up NetApp Snapshot, provisioning switches, designing a tiebreaker mechanism, setting up a TCP/IP configuration replication network, and verifying your disaster recovery system to verify adherence with industry standards and government requirements.

Network Load Balancing
Progent provides fault tolerant load balancing support that addresses network load balancing, load balanced applications, network infrastructure routing, and content delivery technology including Cisco Content Engine. Fault tolerant load balancing solutions for which Progent can provide consulting services include Windows 2003 and 2008 Server Network Load Balancing Manager, Citrix Access Suite and Access Gateway, Cisco CSS, Cisco Content Distribution Manager and LocalDirector 400 series, and F5 Networks 3-DNS. To find out more, visit Fault Tolerant Load Balancing.

Fault Tolerant Internet Data Centers
Progent's Data Center consultants can help you find high availability data centers that match the particular requirements of your business. High availability colocation sites are especially appealing to small and mid-size businesses due to of their low cost and convenience in comparison to taking a do-it-yourself strategy. Trying to build an in-house data center that offers even a minimum level of fault tolerance is too expensive for typical small businesses. Progent is ready to show you how to reap all the benefits of non-stop Internet data centers by offering a full range of engineering and maintenance services. For more information, see Fault Tolerant Data Centers Solutions.

Failsafe Interoffice Networking
Progent's multi-site connection engineers can help companies create non-stop branch office connectivity solutions through fully redundant system architectures with automatic failover. Progent's Cisco-premier CCIE network engineers can design and implement fault-tolerant Inter-office networks supported by fault tolerant EIGRP routers or fault tolerant OSPF configurations of Cisco routers. Progent can demonstrate how multi-path connectivity and automatic fail-over can provide economical non-stop interoffice networking. To read more, visit Non-stop Inter-office Connectivity.

High Availability Internet Connections
Progent's Cisco-certified IT consultants can show you how to build an affordable, high availability Internet configuration architecture that can deliver non-stop Internet access through a broad range of high availability Internet access technologies including non-stop BGP, automatic fail-over, and redundant ISPs. Progent offers CCIE consultants to show you how to utilize the most advanced technology for 24x7 Internet access to implement a cost-effective, completely redundant Internet interface with automatic failover and other features to create non-stop Internet access. For more information, go to Fault Tolerant Internet Access Solutions.

Backup and Restore Solutions Consulting and Support Services
Progent can provide economical remote access to IT engineers with expertise in a broad range of products and technologies that provide solutions for protecting Windows, Mac, and Linux physical and virtual servers and desktops plus laptops and handhelds. Progent offers expertise for all major backup platforms including Acronis Backup and Recovery, Backup Exec, BackupAssist Software, CrashPlan PRO, Double-Take Software, Mozy, Retrospect, Apple Time Machine, VMware Data Recovery, and FLARs. Progent's consultants can assist you to deploy, upgrade, or maintain backup/restore solutions for a range of topologies such as local, edge to datacenter, cloud-based, or hybrid. To read more, visit Backup and Recovery Technology Consulting and Support Services.

System Center Data Protection Manager Data Recovery Consulting
Progent's expert System Center Data Protection Manager consultants can help you to develop an effective disaster recovery strategy, implement an affordable high-availability IT architecture, deploy a Microsoft SCDPM-powered backup and recovery solution, thoroughly test your DPM system, train your administrative personnel or local service providers how to manage SCDPM, or provide extensive information technology support outsourcing including off-site hosting of SCDPM servers in Progent's world-class data center. To find out more, go to System Center Data Protection Manager Consulting and Support Services.

Barracuda Backup Cloud and Offsite Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Barracuda Backup is a low-cost, subscription-based backup and disaster recovery service for small and medium-size organizations. A Barracuda Backup solution can incorporate a custom-designed hardware storage device built by Barracuda or a virtual appliance with similar features but which utilizes your own storage hardware. Barracuda Backup protects critical company data generated on-premises, at one or multiple remote locations, or in the cloud. For disaster protection, you can replicate data to the Barracuda Cloud, to Amazon AWS, or to any site with a Barracuda appliance. Progent is a Barracuda partner and Progent's Barracuda Backup consulting experts can provide a broad array of consulting services to assist you to design, integrate, manage and repair a BDR solution built on Barracuda Backup. For details, visit Barracuda Backup and disaster recovery consultants.

ProSight Data Protection Services Altaro VM Backup Software for Backup and Disaster Recovery
Hornetsecurity's Altaro VM Backup provides small and mid-size businesses a dependable and budget-friendly solution for backing up and recovering Hyper-V and VMware-based virtual machines (VMs). Altaro VM Backup can be used for on-premises, offsite, distributed, and cloud environments and also supports low-cost backup to Microsoft Azure storage. Altaro VM Backup supports high-end features like Immutable Cloud Storage for an extra layer of protection from ransomware. Progent is a certified Altaro partner and can provide a broad range of remote or on-premises consulting services to assist you to plan, deploy, manage and debug a comprehensive backup/restore system powered by Altaro VM Backup software. With ProSight Data Protection Services Altaro VM Backup, Progent offers a fully managed backup/recovery service based on Altaro VM Backup. To read more, see Altaro VM Backup certified consultants.

ProSight DPS 365 Total Backup Services for Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 offers simple archiving but does not have integrated support for vital data protection capabilities like Exchange Online backups or greater than 30-day point-in-time recovery for OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. Hornetsecurity's 365 Total Backup delivers a feature-rich platform for automatic backup and quick recovery of all your company's M365 mail, Teams Chats, SharePoint documents, OneDrive for Business files, and content on Windows desktops and laptops. Progent is an authorized Hornetsecurity/Altaro partner and offers ProSight Data Protection Services (DPS) 365 Total Backup to provide end-to-end managed services for Hornetsecurity's 365 Total Backup suite. ProSight DPS 365 Total Backup delivers a budget-friendly backup-as-a-service (BaaS) alternative that protects M365 apps against data loss or corruption caused by user or software mistakes, malicious sabotage, and malware attacks like ransomware. To read more, visit ProSight Data Protection Services 365 Total Backup solutions for Microsoft 365.

Managed Cloud Backup: ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO
ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO provide small and medium-sized organizations an affordable end-to-end service for reliable backup/disaster recovery (BDR). For a fixed monthly price, ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO automates your backup processes and enable rapid recovery of vital data, applications and VMs that have become lost or damaged as a result of component failures, software glitches, disasters, human mistakes, or malware attacks such as ransomware. ProSight DPS ECHO can help you protect, retrieve and restore files, folders, apps, system images, plus Hyper-V and VMware virtual machine images. Important data can be backed up on the cloud, to an on-promises device, or mirrored to both. Progent's backup and recovery consultants can deliver world-class support to set up ProSight DPS ECHO to to comply with government and industry regulatory requirements like HIPAA, FINRA, PCI and Safe Harbor and, whenever necessary, can assist you to restore your critical information. Read more about ProSight DPS ECHO managed backup and recovery.

ProSight Data Protection Services 360 Backup Services
Progent can help your company to design, implement and debug a backup/restore plan built around MSP360 software. MSP360 enables file or image backup/recovery for virtual machines and physical computers, works with all popular public clouds, and permits you to build a backup solution with a minimum Recovery Time Objective and a granular Recovery Point Objective. With ProSight DPS 360 Backup, Progent offers end-to-end monitoring and remote management of your backup system to protect against data loss caused by human miscues, system glitches, ill-intentioned insiders, and external attacks like ransomware. For more information, visit ProSight DPS 360 Backup services.

Consulting Services Double-Take Solutions for Data Backup and Recovery
Double-Take publishes a family of products intended to provide small and midsize companies a range of cost-effective alternatives for replicating and recovering vital workloads including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Blackberry, and Microsoft Office SharePoint. Progent's disaster recovery planning experts have in-depth backgrounds integrating Double-Take products into small company information systems to achieve a high level of fault tolerance and business continuity readiness at a budget-friendly cost. To read more, visit Consulting for Double-Take Software for Data Backup.

Why Choose Progent for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning Solutions?
Because Progent is a Microsoft Certified Partner and provides high-level application expertise for a wide variety of small business applications, Progent is able to help clients to find complete information technology solutions that maximize the business value of your IT network. As a Registered Partner with Cisco, Progent can provide the services of premier consultants and specialists with expertise in architecting, deploying and maintaining infrastructure environments based on Cisco products. The depth and breadth of Progent's IT experience and Progent's appreciation for the requirements of small companies make Progent the perfect partner for building and running an affordable, fault-tolerant information system.

How You Can Get in Touch with Progent's Consultants for Help with High Availability Networks
To ask Progent about professional assistance for fault tolerant networking, phone 1-800-993-9400 or go to Contact Progent.

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    Progent's Microsoft and Cisco-certified consulting engineers can assist your organization to determine the value of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 for your business and can help you to design and carry out an efficient migration to Exchange Server 2010 from Exchange 2003 or Microsoft Exchange 2007 that will offer quick ROI by increasing your workers' efficiency, cutting the cost of hardware and support, simplifying management, and consolidating your vital communications platforms.

  • Windows 2008 Cluster Server Configuration
  • Shreveport Crypto-Ransomware Virus Vulnerability Shreveport, LA Shreveport Crypto-Ransomware Susceptibility Shreveport Louisiana
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Cluster Online Support
  • Skokie Locky Crypto-Ransomware Settlement Consulting Skokie-Northbrook Skokie MongoLock Crypto-Ransomware Settlement Negotiation Experts Skokie-Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA
  • Windows 2008 Cluster Integration
  • Sorocaba MongoLock Crypto-Ransomware Removal Sorocaba, São Paulo Sorocaba Netwalker Crypto-Ransomware System-Rebuild Sorocaba, Estado de São Paulo
  • Specialists Private Cloud Virtual Datacenter Hosting Specialists ProSight Virtual Machine Hosting
  • Windows 2008 Cluster Network Engineer
  • Support Consultant BlackBerry BES Server Albany-Troy, New York Configuration BlackBerry Wireless

  • 24x7 ransomware rebuild Consultancy
    Consulting Services ransomware removal and data restore

    Progent's Ransomware Hot Line provides 24x7 access to a proven ransomware recovery consultant who can assist your business to halt the spread of an active ransomware attack. Call 800-462-8800

  • Telecommuters London Consulting Services - Collaboration Solutions Guidance England London Work at Home Employees Collaboration Technology Assistance London Docklands
  • Top MS Certified Texas IT Consulting Firm Microsoft Certified Texas Small Business IT Support Firms
  • Top Quality Telecommuters Allentown Consultants - Voice/Video Conferencing Systems Consultants Allentown, Lehigh County, United States Allentown Teleworkers Video Conferencing Solutions Guidance Allentown Bethlehem Easton
  • Microsoft Certified Expert Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Cluster Professional
  • Top Rated Remote Support Services Microsoft Exchange 2016 Migration Planning Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Migration Planning Outsourcing
  • Top Teleworkers Washington Consulting Experts - Integration Expertise City of Washington Washington Offsite Workforce Setup Consulting Experts District of Columbia
  • Troubleshooting Emergency Phone Support Evansville Indiana, United States Small Business Outsourcing Microsoft and Cisco Evansville Indiana

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Support Outsourcing
    Microsoft SQL 2008 Server Online Support

    SQL Server 2008 offers powerful, familiar tools to IT experts as well as to information workers, lessening the complexity of creating, deploying, administering, and using enterprise information and analytical programs on platforms ranging from handheld devices to corporate data networks. The sophistication and interconnectivity demands of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 call for an IT consulting firm with hands-on expertise and wide knowledge in designing and deploying data-driven, comprehensive business IT solutions. The experience of Progent's Microsoft-certified technical team, with an average of more than 10 years of professional work supporting Microsoft integration, ensures you success in planning, configuring and managing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 solutions that are well integrated with the Microsoft .NET environment.

  • Tukwila Crypto-Ransomware Recovery Consultants Tukwila-Lakewood Tukwila-Kent, WA 24x7 Tukwila Crypto-Ransomware Recovery Consultants
  • Tulsa Nephilim Ransomware Forensics Analysis Tulsa Bartlesville Tulsa Snatch Crypto-Ransomware Forensics Investigation Tulsa Oklahoma, U.S.A.
  • Uniondale-Melville, NY SQL Server 2012 Computer Network Support Company Uniondale-Garden City, United States Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Network Consulting Group
  • VPN Consulting Services 24-Hour Cisco RADIUS Security Technical Support Services

  • 24/7 Specialists Tandberg T3 Telepresence
    Top Quality Consultant Radvision XT5000

    Progent offers the support of a veteran consultant with extensive experience installing, maintaining, and enhancing video conferencing platforms from top-tier vendors including Cisco, TANDBERG, Polycom, LifeSize, and Radvision. Progent can work with your in-house network management group, your ISP, and your video conferencing platform supplier to help your organization increase the strategic value of your video conferencing solution.

  • Washington DC Washington Work at Home Employees Conferencing Systems Consulting Washington Work at Home Employees Voice/Video Conferencing Systems Expertise Washington District of Columbia
  • West Palm Beach, Florida Computer Consulting Exchange Server 2013 Network Support Group Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Palm Beach County, United States

  • SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Technology Consulting Services
    SQL Server 2012 Security Specialist

    Progent offers the support of Microsoft-certified consultants and experienced software programmers, DBAs, project management experts, network infrastructure engineers, disaster recovery/business continuity specialists, and data security professionals to help your business to assess the potential benefits of SQL Server 2012 for your organization, set up pilot systems at your datacenter or at Progent's test lab, plan and carry out an efficient migration to SQL Server 2012 from earlier releases of SQL Server or from other RDBMS platforms, and define an efficient and secure network infrastructure that helps you maximize the business benefit of SQL Server 2012.

  • Wichita Netwalker Crypto-Ransomware Negotiation Support Sedgwick County Kansas Wichita, Sedgwick County 24-Hour Wichita Hermes Ransomware Negotiation Help
  • Work at Home Employees Los Angeles Consulting Services - Backup/Restore Solutions Consulting Hollywood Offsite Workforce Los Angeles Consulting Experts - Data Protection Systems Consulting and Support Services Los Angeles, Financial District

  • Microsoft CRM Outsourcing
    Microsoft CRM Consultant

    Progent's team of application experts can provide advanced consulting, custom programming, deployment help, and online training for leading business applications covering key areas including ERP and MRP, financials, management analytics, web application design, and the Microsoft Office family of business productivity solutions. As a Microsoft Partner with years of background providing high-level consulting services remotely, Progent can help clients throughout the United States to avoid the time and expense associated with travel and on-site visits without sacrificing the effectiveness of technical services.

  • Work at Home Employees Monterrey Expertise - Collaboration Systems Consulting Services Guadalupe Urgent Monterrey At Home Workforce Collaboration Technology Consultants San Nicolás
  • Work at Home Employees Pleasanton Consulting - Cloud Integration Solutions Assistance 24 Hour Work from Home Employees Assistance near me in Pleasanton - Cloud Systems Consulting and Support Services Pleasanton, Alameda County
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