Microsoft 365 Integration ConsultantsMicrosoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) is Microsoft's expanding line of client productivity applications and cloud services offered on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Microsoft 365 apps and Azure services are offered in a variety of bundles, known as subscription plans, aimed at customers ranging from students and households to global corporations.

The most popular Microsoft 365 titles can be installed on multiple computers including Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, and smartphones. These multi-device applications include Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. PC-only apps include Access for database management and Microsoft Publisher. To address individuals who have multiple devices, many Microsoft 365 packages allow you to install Microsoft 365 applications on more than one device. As an example, Microsoft 365 Business and ProPlus subscription plans allow each Office application to be installed on up to five devices.

Microsoft 365 apps require Internet access for installation, activation, account control, and updates. Most subscription plans include a PC edition of Microsoft Office, which allows you to run programs offline, just as with a legacy permanent Microsoft Office license. When you go back online, your cloud-resident files are automatically synchronized. Microsoft 365 cloud services include Exchange Online email hosting, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business IM and web conferencing, and OneDrive cloud-based storage and collaboration. Microsoft 365 cloud services require an active online connection.

Progent offers fast and easy remote access to a support consultant with expertise in Microsoft, Mac, Apple iOS, and Google Android software. Progent can help you to evaluate the numerous options available with Microsoft 365 and integrate your information network with Microsoft 365 so it delivers the highest possible competitive advantage. Progent has experience supporting cross-platform networks that incorporate Windows, macOS or OS X, and Linux based products. Progent can also assist you to implement and manage hybrid environments that transparently integrate on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Word for Mac Consulting Experts

Key features of most Microsoft 365 apps can be installed on multiple computers and devices

Microsoft 365 Applications and Cloud-based Services
Microsoft 365 subscription plans are available for a wide selection of markets such as businesses, schools, government, home and nonprofits. Some plans, such as Microsoft 365 Business Essentials, includes no apps but only cloud services. Other plans, like Microsoft 365 Business, offers applications but only the OneDrive cloud-based service. The top-of-the-line Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 package includes seven applications and seven cloud-based services. Progent can assist you to pick an Microsoft 365 bundle that's right for your business, help you to migrate from legacy versions of Office apps, and show you how to unify the management of Microsoft 365 and other network resources to create a cost-effective, protected and reliable IT environment.

Key Microsoft 365 Applications
The most obvious difference between Microsoft 365 apps and their related Microsoft Office editions is that Microsoft 365 apps are rented rather than sold. In addition, permanently licensed Office applications are allowed to be installed on only one PC or Mac at a time and are not patched automatically or upgraded at no extra cost when a major edition is released. As an example, moving from Word 2013 to Word 2019 requires that you buy a brand new license for Word. Incremental updates to Microsoft Office applications are made available to Microsoft 365 users sooner than to owners of permanently licensed editions. Also, Office suites bought with a perpetual license do not come with any of the cloud services that are bundled with Microsoft 365.

Applications available with various Microsoft 365 plans include:

Microsoft 365 Word ExpertsMicrosoft 365 Word includes the ability to edit and view Office files across Microsoft Windows, Google Android, Mac, and iOS computers while maintaining a consistent look and user experience. You can also share Office documents, find out which team members are working on various shared projects, and see changes made by others as they happen. Just as with Microsoft 365 Excel and Microsoft 365 PowerPoint, you can instantly share without leaving your documents. Additionally, you can review who has rights to access a given document and who is now working on the document. For documents you own, you can easily modify authoring rights. Find out about Progent's Microsoft 365 Word consulting expertise.

Microsoft 365 Excel ConsultantsMicrosoft 365 Excel permits subscribers to employ the powerful Exponential Smoothing (ETS) algorithm to create forecast charts for predicting future trends based on past data. New data types that are tied to current online databases in real time include Stock and Geography. The Stock data type downloads the current stock price, change in price, and other equities data. The Geography data type enables you to select a country and retrieve specified online demographic or economic information like population or gas costs. As in the case of Microsoft 365 Word and Microsoft 365 PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 Excel also can handle Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. These images can be turned, colored, and resized instantly with no loss in image quality. Learn about Progent's Microsoft 365 Excel consulting services.

Microsoft 365 Excel Consulting and Training

Microsoft 365 Excel introduces new data types like Stock and Geography that connect to online data

Microsoft Office PowerPoint ExpertsMicrosoft 365 PowerPoint supports three dimensional models and provides an enhanced library of animation effects such as swinging and rotating. Like Office Excel and Word, Microsoft 365 PowerPoint allows you to transform drawings into uniform shapes for flow charts, diagrams, and various other objects. Microsoft 365 PowerPoint for Mac adds the capability to embed and format video from within PowerPoint. PowerPoint's Media Browser offers convenient access to a broad selection of sources like iPhoto galleries, iTunes playlists, and iMovie collections plus standard shapes, Clip Art, and other graphics.

Microsoft 365 Outlook Configuration and Troubleshooting ConsultantsMicrosoft 365 Outlook offers important enhancements to prior releases of the Outlook email and calendar app by adding features like audio cues, automatic downloading of OneDrive attachments, display responses to a conference invitation for people other than meeting organizers, streamlined email organizing, plus more intuitive group creation and calendar sharing. Also, Microsoft 365 Outlook subscribers can have their messages read aloud while the segments being read are highlighted. Microsoft's Office intelligent services, when enabled, also allows Microsoft 365 Outlook clients to dictate emails. Microsoft 365 Outlook for Mac now supports push email, online archiving, the ability to suggest a different meeting time in response to a meeting request, and multiple calendar visibility. Full Screen Mode allows multiple open messages and permits users to run two Outlook sessions in split-screen view. Find out about Progent's Microsoft 365 Outlook and Outlook on the web configuration and troubleshooting expertise.

Microsoft 365 OneNote ExpertiseMicrosoft 365 OneNote for Windows 10 is included in most Microsoft 365 product bundles, installed by default in Windows 10, and available for download as a free mobile app. The older OneNote 2016 release, which has some features not initially available in OneNote for Windows 10 likes Record Video, is still available for free but is not being updated with new features. OneNote for Windows 10 sports a fresh customizable interface consistent across Windows 10, Apple Mac, iOS, Google Android, and Web. Other functionality offered only on OneNote for Windows 10 include enhanced ink-to-text, an alert center that indicates changes in your open and recently used notebooks, automatic conversion of freehand drawings into standardized shapes, and a digital ruler to draw straight lines and measure distance.

Microsoft 365 Access Software Development and DebuggingMicrosoft 365 Access, offered exclusively on PCs, enables you to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and a rich set of templates to streamline business operations and create modern-looking forms and management reports. Microsoft 365 Access comes with the connector library to extract data from a broad selection of leading business applications and data sources for generating quality reports from within the time-tested Access environment. The ability to store Access data in both Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL gives you a world-class back end and SQL syntax for Access apps deployed either on premises or in the Azure cloud. Microsoft Access 365 now includes an improved Linked Table Manager, allows you to add new forms and management reports, and enables you to link or extract data from Salesforce and Dynamics 365. Find out about Progent's Microsoft 365 Access development and troubleshooting services.

Microsoft 365 Publisher TrainingMicrosoft 365 Publisher, offered only on Windows PCs, is a leading do-your-own desktop publishing tool that takes advantage of the familiar Microsoft Office environment to deliver an intuitive program for creating and sharing modern-looking publications such as datasheets and white papers that call for precise image placement control. Because documents can be stored in the cloud, you can deliver a document simply by sending a link. Publisher's wide use and simplicity allow you to meet deadlines on time-sensitive projects without having to rely on instant access to a desktop publishing professional for making last-minute changes.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Services
Microsoft 365 cloud services permit organizations to leverage Microsoft's vast cloud resources to host mission-critical servers like Exchange, Teams and Skype for Business. These services provide enterprise-class levels of availability and security while reducing the significant investment expense and management hassle associated with setting up and maintaining self-sufficient local computer facilities. For situations that require some servers to be kept onsite for compliance, performance, or other reasons, the majority of Microsoft 365 virtual server products can be deployed using hybrid network models that seamlessly combine local and cloud-based resources.

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Integration ConsultantsMicrosoft 365 Exchange Online provides email hosting and allows user mailbox capacity from 50 Gbytes to unlimited. Key features include custom domain addresses, shareable calendars and address books, a web version of Outlook, one-click archiving, and easy creation of collaboration groups. The online Exchange admin center lets you manage email configurations for your organization and gives you complete control over critical areas such as permissions, cybersecurity, mail flow, making mailboxes and defining limits, collaboration, address books, Unified Messaging, monitoring and reporting, and backup. Learn about Progent's Microsoft 365 Exchange Online configuration and administration consulting.

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Integration Expertise

Smart calendaring in Microsoft Exchange Online can capture events like airline flights and bookings from email

Microsoft 365 OneDrive ConsultantsMicrosoft 365 OneDrive is Microsoft's popular file sync and sharing platform. Microsoft 365 bundles typically come with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, allowing you to store, access, and share files across Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, or iOS and Android devices. By automatically syncing your files to your desktop, OneDrive allows you to modify documents even when you are offline. OneDrive simplifies sharing and collaboration, keeping track all changes to help prevent inconsistency problems. You can begin a co-authoring project on any device and move seamlessly to a different computer at any time. For advanced collaboration, a variety of tools allow you to notate and highlight shared documents. Advanced discovery tools enable you to find files quickly, and tracking tools offer useful information like how many people accessed or shared a file.

Microsoft 365 Skype for Business ConsultantsMicrosoft 365 Skype for Business provides cloud-hosted voice, video, and conferencing. Skype's Online Plan 1 includes IM, real-time presence, peer-to-peer VoIP, and video calling, plus federation and directory search. Online Plan 2 includes scheduled and on-demand conferencing with A/V calling plus screen and app sharing on iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets, Windows PCs, and Apple Mac computers. For hybrid environments that integrate a local Skype for Business Server with Skype for Business Online cloud services, you can create a cohesive environment using a Split Domain implementation. Learn about Progent's Microsoft 365 Skype for Business Online solution design and integration expertise.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online Development ConsultantsMicrosoft 365 SharePoint Online combines content management with intranet publishing to enable businesses to broadcast and share information and to facilitate collaboration. SharePoint's admin center now includes usage analysis, Message Center posts, and a Service Health dashboard designed to streamline management. In addition, you can link current SharePoint team sites to Microsoft 365 Groups, expanding SharePoint sites with shared discussions, schedules, and project planning. Innovative capabilities to support cloud integration now include hybrid taxonomy and hybrid auditing as well as an updated development architecture for creating SharePoint environments locally, in hybrid deployments, and in Microsoft 365. Learn about Progent's Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online integration and development services.

Microsoft 365 Teams ExpertsMicrosoft Teams is the future of Skype for Business, providing a single portal for meetings, contact lists, and content with persistent chat, file sharing, plus integrated voice and video conferencing. Microsoft has built the cloud infrastructure that hosts Teams so it can provide faster conference join times than Skype for Business and to enable integration with Microsoft Cognitive Services such as transcription, translation, speech recognition, and AI. Progent's consultants can help you to try out Microsoft 365 Teams to assess the benefits of utilizing this new communication technology. Find out about Progent's Microsoft Teams migration consulting.

Microsoft 365 Yammer ExpertsMicrosoft 365 Yammer is a social network product designed to be used within an organization and restricted to users with an authorized corporate email address. Postings can include files, web links, media, PowerPoint shows, and SharePoint content. The Discovery feed helps you find information relevant to your job or concerns as shown based on groups you have joined, conversations you contribute to, and people you correspond with. You can find discussions, files, interest groups, participants, and other information associated with a particular co-worker. Group Insights show you how activities such as publishing, viewing, and liking are trending over time. Notifications alert you about relevant activity like new postings in your groups, comments in your conversations, and new participants.

Microsoft 365 Power BI Design and Support ConsultantsMicrosoft 365 Power BI is a set of online services integrated with Microsoft 365 that enables you to create and share dashboards and on-demand management reports that provide up-to-date insights into key aspects of your business. Microsoft 365 Power BI dashboards can aggregate data from a broad array of local and outside sources like Microsoft Excel, on-premises SQL Server Analysis Service, Azure, or popular sources such as QuickBooks, Google Analytics and Salesforce. Dashboards and reports developed on Power BI can be updated continually via data streaming. You can store and share your dashboards in the cloud with Microsoft 365 OneDrive. Native Power BI mobile applications are offered for Windows devices plus iOS and Google Android smartphones. Learn about Progent's Microsoft 365 Power BI Online integration consulting and training.

Basic Activities for Microsoft 365 Migration
Progent offers the support of a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect to help your company to plan a smooth move to Microsoft 365 customized for your environment. Before presenting this migration project, Progent's cloud consultant will conduct a set of information gathering tasks that include running tools such as IdFix, the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer (ExBPA), and specialized scripts for viewing your AD, messaging, and Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment. Critical information that cannot be discovered using these techniques will be determined via discussions with your IT team.

Activities performed by Progent in creating an efficient Microsoft 365 migration strategy can include:

  • Lead a Project Kickoff discussion with your IT team to confirm project goals, services to be procured/provisioned, customer and contractor roles, schedules, etc.
  • Create a Risk and Issue Tracking document.
  • Develop an Exchange Hybrid migration strategy describing how new services and required modifications to the IT ecosystem will be implemented.
  • Review the current Azure Active Directory Connect Identity Management configurations and uncover any gaps.
  • Identify and develop a plan for mail-enabled applications such as multifunction printers, monitoring systems, and other systems that currently submit SMTP messages.
  • Create end-user communication to be published by your Help Desk.
  • Determine existing Exchange mailbox sizes and item counts to help strategy for email migrations.
  • Examine your network bandwidth measurements to make sure you have sufficient throughput and nominal latency to support Microsoft 365.
  • Review your existing Mobile Device Management solution to make sure it will function with the Microsoft 365 services and capabilities.
  • Run the IdFix Tool to surface possible AD problems and detect duplicate email (SMTP) addresses and UPNs, invalid formatting for object attributes, and UPNs that have non-routable domains.
  • Lead an Architecture Review meeting with your IT staff to identify problems that might prevent an efficient migration.
  • Develop a way to allow email to be sent to Dynamic Distribution Groups.
  • Provide a list of ports and IP ranges for creating firewall rules.
  • Help you to identify mailboxes that have been granted elevated rights to another mailbox.
  • Create an implementation plan that defines the tasks involved with your migration to Microsoft 365.
How Progent's Consultants Can Help Your Business with Microsoft 365 Solutions
For organizations looking for quick remote guidance from a high-level Microsoft 365 integration consultant, Progent offers a full sele3ction of services including system design, deployment, debugging, application development, administration, and education. Progent's Microsoft-qualified integration professionals, Cisco-certified network infrastructure experts, macOS and OS X technology consultants, iPhone and iPad experts and Android smartphone consultants can help you to enhance your information network with Microsoft 365 products and services.

Progent's ProSight family of Remote Management and Monitoring Services
Progent offers a family of budget-friendly, flat-rate managed services designed to allow small and medium-size businesses to benefit from the same advanced technology used by many of the world's leading enterprises. The ProSight suite of network monitoring and management services addresses all key facets of information technology such as email content filtering, security and compliance, automated backup and disaster recovery, infrastructure management, VM hosting, and network asset documentation management. Learn more about Progent's remote management and monitoring (RMM) services.

Get in Touch with Progent for Microsoft 365 Integration and Support
If you are trying to find a Microsoft 365 consultant, call Progent at 800-993-9400 or visit Contact Progent.

Public Cloud Integration Solutions from Progent
The choices available for public cloud products and services are expanding continually, making it a serious challenge for information system managers to select the right cloud strategy for their business. Progent has worked extensively helping businesses of all sizes to design, deploy, and maintain hybrid networks that integrate multiple cloud services from major public cloud providers. Progent's cloud integration consultants can help you to evaluate the relative benefits and shortcomings of different public cloud offerings and can help you build a cloud-based or hybrid network that delivers maximum business value.

Public cloud products and services supported by Progent's consultants include:

Azure Integration ConsultantsProgent's Microsoft Azure cloud planning and integration experts can assist you with every aspect of Microsoft Azure integration such as needs analysis, prerequisites evaluation, system architecture, pre-production testing, implementation, centralized management, performance tuning, software license management, disaster recovery strategies, security planning, and compliance validation. Progent can help your IT staff to configure and troubleshoot firewalls and VPN tunnels so that your users can safely connect to Azure-based resources, and Progent's Microsoft-certified consulting experts can help you integrate key Microsoft platforms to work in the cloud including Microsoft Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL and SharePoint. Progent can also assist your organization to create a hybrid ecosystem that seamlessly integrates on-premises datacenters with Azure-based resources.

Microsoft 365 Integration with On-prem ExchangeMicrosoft has made a strong effort to enable transparent hybrid networks that integrate Microsoft 365 and on-premises installations of Exchange. This permits you to have specific mailboxes located on your on-premises datacenter or private cloud and other mailboxes hosted by Microsoft 365. Progent's certified Exchange consulting team can assist your organization with any phase of designing, implementing and debugging your hybrid Microsoft 365/Exchange solution. Progent's Exchange consultants can provide as-needed support to help you resolve stubborn technical problems and also can provide extensive project management outsourcing or co-sourcing to make sure your hybrid Exchange initiative is carried out on time and within budget. To find out more about Progent's consulting support for hybrid Microsoft 365 Exchange and on-prem Exchange systems, refer to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online integration solutions with on-prem Exchange.

Amazon AWS Integration ConsultingProgent's Amazon Web Services (AWS) planning and integration consultants can provide cost-effective online consulting to help companies of any size to integrate Amazon AWS cloud services such as Amazon EC2 for virtual server hosting, Amazon S3 for expandable cloud storage, and Glacier for low-cost long-term archiving. Progent can help you with every aspect of Amazon AWS migration and troubleshooting including requirements analysis, preparedness assessment, architectural design, testing, configuration, centralized administration, performance tuning, licensing management, backup/restore solutions, and security strategies. Progent can provide advanced expertise with firewall configuration and VPN technology and can help you deploy cloud-based or hybrid environments that efficiently incorporate Amazon AWS cloud services. Progent can provide as-needed support or Progent can provide project management outsourcing or co-sourcing to help you migrate efficiently to the Amazon AWS cloud.

Amazon MWS Integration ConsultingAmazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) is a library of APIs that enables Amazon sellers to streamline their business processes by automating crucial sales activities including listings, orders, payments, inbound and outbound fulfillment, and reports. By leveraging Amazon's extensive online ecosystem and automating their sales processes, merchants can broaden their reach, lower their cost of sales, accelerate reaction time to customers, and increase their profits. Progent's Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) developers can work with your development team and provide application programming, workflow integration, project management support, and mentoring so you can shorten development time and costs and speed up your return on investment.

Google Cloud Platform Integration ConsultingProgent's Google Cloud Platform (GCP) integration experts can provide affordable online and on-premises consulting to help businesses of any size to move any portion of their critical network infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform services. This can save management hassle and equipment expense and allow access to Google's cutting edge machine learning tools. Progent can assist your IT team with every aspect of Google Cloud Platform migration and troubleshooting including requirements analysis, preparedness evaluation, architectural design and review, pilot testing, configuration, centralized administration, performance optimization, licensing management, backup/restore mechanisms, and security strategies.

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    Progent's ProSight IT Asset Management is a cloud-based IT documentation management service that makes it easy to capture, maintain, find and safeguard data about your network infrastructure, processes, applications, and services. You can quickly find passwords or serial numbers and be alerted about impending expirations of SSL certificates ,domains or warranties. By updating and organizing your IT infrastructure documentation, you can eliminate up to half of the time thrown away searching for critical information about your IT network. ProSight IT Asset Management includes a centralized location for storing and collaborating on all documents required for managing your business network such as recommended procedures and self-service instructions. ProSight IT Asset Management also offers advanced automation for gathering and relating IT information. Whether you're making improvements, doing maintenance, or reacting to a crisis, ProSight IT Asset Management gets you the knowledge you need the instant you need it.

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  • Non-stop Clustered Servers IT Services
    Top Fault Tolerant Server Clustering Computer Engineer

    Progent provides Windows 2003 Cluster Server assistance to help your company deploy non-stop server clusters that can provide 100% operation. Clustered Windows servers for non-stop systems include Windows Cluster Server, Microsoft SQL Cluster, and Exchange Cluster Server. By assisting you t create zero-downtime clustered server environments based on Microsoft Windows Server Cluster 2003, Progent's Certified Windows engineers make sure that your non-stop clustered servers are set up to maximize the strategic value of your information network.

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