Windows Server 2016 Migration and IntegrationWindows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition includes significant enhancements to Failover Clustering, a key technology that supports disaster recovery (DR) and high availability by allowing you to combine multiple servers to form a fault-tolerant cluster on physical hardware or in virtual machines. A major enhancement is Storage Replica, Microsoft's first native solution for zero-data-loss disaster recovery, Storage Replica allows organizations to configure separate sites within a metro area to mirror data with crash-consistent volumes in order to ensure full data recovery in the event of a site outage. Windows Server 2016 includes a number of other important new and enhanced features for Failover Clusters, offering significant benefits in areas including availability and fault tolerance, Hyper-V virtualization, storage and infrastructure costs, ease of deployment, manageability, security, scale, performance, hybrid cloud support, health monitoring and audit reporting.

Windows Server 2016 is a cloud-tested platform that takes technology proven in Microsoft's vast Azure public cloud, including Azure's software-defined data plane, and makes it available for on premises deployments. As hybrid networks have become the norm, the migration of cloud technology to private data centers has made enterprise-class disaster recovery solutions practical for organizations of virtually any size.

Progent's team of disaster recovery consultants and certified Windows Server experts have the knowledge and experience to help you plan, deploy, test, maintain and troubleshoot a disaster recovery solution based on Windows Server 2016 that aligns with your business goals and IT budget. Progent's information assurance experts can help you prove compliance with regulatory requirements for disaster recovery, and Progent's business continuity consultants can help you integrate your disaster recovery strategy into a broader plan to keep your business operating at an acceptable level in the event of a predictable widespread catastrophe. By showing you practical and affordable ways to deploy Windows Server 2016 to improve your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Progent can help ensure that your investment in current disaster recovery and clustering technology adds maximum business value to your information network.

Windows Server 2016 Storage Replica
The headline disaster recovery feature of Windows Server 2016 is Storage Replica, Microsoft's first foray into zero-data-loss DR. Storage Replica allows you to mirror data between sites located within metro distances by using synchronous replication over a low-latency (5 ms or better round trip) TCP/IP or RDMA network using an SMB3 transport. If a protected site (also called a source or primary site) suffers a complete shutdown, you can switch quickly to the recovery site (also called destination or secondary site) without losing any data written to disk storage. Storage Replica can also be used for disaster avoidance, where users are seamlessly switched over to a recovery site in expectation of an imminent catastrophe such as a flood, wildfire or hurricane. For sites separated by longer distances or otherwise subject to higher latencies, Storage Replica supports an asynchronous replication mode that provides minimal data loss.

Storage Replica uses block-level replication between clusters or servers. This means that protected applications write data to at least two locations before the completion of any write operation. Because Storage Replica operates below the file level, it avoids the restrictions of technologies like DFS Replication, which requires that files be closed before replication and is subject to issues like files locks and open handles. Progent can help you upgrade from low-end disaster recovery solutions like DFS Replication to a zero-data-loss DR solution based on Windows Server 2016 Storage Replica.

For higher latency networks that span longer distances, Storage Replica supports asynchronous replication. Since Storage Replica asynchronous replication is continuous, not checkpoint based, the amount of data at risk of being lost is far lower than DR solutions based on snapshots. In addition, Storage Replica works at the partition layer, so it replicates all Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshots, allowing application-consistent data snapshots for point-in-time recovery.

Windows Server 2016 Storage Replica Consulting

Storage Replica allows replication between clusters with zero data loss at the file-system level

Topologies supported by Storage Replica include stretch clusters, cluster-to-cluster, and server-to-server. These configurations can run on physical hardware or VMs based on Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix XenServer, or other leading virtualization platforms. Stretch cluster configurations allow you to orchestrate and automate the failover process for workloads like Hyper-V private cloud clusters and SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance (FCI) and can be managed with Failover Cluster Manager. Storage Replica with stretched clusters can use Storage Spaces, SAN, iSCSI, and RAID through persistent reservation and can be run with two or more nodes.

The cluster-to-cluster configuration utilizes uses two distinct clusters and allows administrators to control the failover process manually. This topology is suited for environments where the secondary site set up solely for disaster recovery rather than as an active data center. With a cluster-to-cluster configuration, Storage Replica supports the cost-saving Storage Spaces feature of Windows Server 2016 and can be run with four or more nodes.

If your hardware does not support clustering, you can run Storage Replica in a server-to-server configuration. In this case the failover process must be performed manually. This can be a cost-effective DR solution between branch offices and data centers, and with asynchronous replication can support significantly better RPO than can be achieved with DFS Replication.

Progent can help you determine which Storage Replica topology makes the most sense for you business and can also help you plan, deploy, manage and troubleshoot your Storage Replica solution. For other zero-data-loss disaster recovery platforms supported by Progent, see VMware Site Recovery Manager consulting and NetApp MetroCluster disaster recovery consulting.

Additional Features of Windows Server 2016 for Failover Clustering
Important new and enhanced features of Windows Server 2016 include:

  • Storage Spaces Direct allows you to pool low-cost commodity servers running Windows Server 2016 to create network attached failover storage clusters. The rotating and solid-state disks (SSDs) integrated with each server are automatically onboarded to the Failover Cluster by Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), and you can combine as many as 16 servers and 400 drives for up to 1 petabyte of storage per cluster. New servers can be added in minutes, and with Microsoft System Center require only a checkbox to install. The scale-out servers use their built-in Ethernet RDMA controllers and Microsoft's SMB3 transport to interconnect, eliminating the expense and management overhead associated with deploying a SAN solution with FC fabric.

    When you create volumes from the storage pool, Storage Spaces Direct automatically generates a virtual disk and takes care of partitioning, formatting, and adding it to your Failover Cluster so it can be accessed by any node as a CSV. These shared volumes can tolerate drive, server, or component failures with uninterrupted availability, and you can replace failed hardware without downtime or complex management intervention. Performance can exceed 150,000 mixed random IOPS per server thanks to an integrated read/write cache and support for NVMe drives mounted directly on the PCIe bus. Storage Spaces Direct automatically utilizes the fastest storage available, such as SSDs, for its always-on cache.

    Windows Server 2016 Storage Replica Consulting

    Hyper-converged deployments of Storage Spaces Direct are a good fit for SMBs or branch offices

    System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager supports two models for configuring and managing Storage Spaces Direct clusters. In a converged deployment, also called disaggregated, compute and storage resources run on different clusters. This provides administrators with the flexibility to scale compute resources independently from storage and is suitable for enterprises with larger environments and the skills to manage complex deployments. With a hyper-converged deployment model, Hyper-V compute and storage share the same cluster. This model, which minimizes hardware costs and is easier to configure and manage, is appropriate for smaller organizations or branch offices.

  • Health Service is a feature introduced in Windows Server 2016 for monitoring the performance and capacity of Storage Spaces Direct clusters. Metrics reported by Health Service include IOPS, IO throughput and latency, physical (raw) storage and storage pool capacity, volume capacity, processor utilization, and memory. Health Service also continually monitors Storage Spaces Direct clusters and generates fault alerts ranked by severity and covering cluster and storage hardware, the Storage Spaces software stack, storage Quality of Service, and Storage Replica. For conciseness, fault alerts report root causes, such as a failed enclosure, rather than all the components affected by the failure.

    Health Service can automate workflows in the disk retirement/replacement cycle by reporting a failed disk, copying data from the retired disk to the remaining disks to restore full resiliency, indicating a failed disk by blinking its disk or slot indicator light, verifying a replacement disk against a Supported Components Document, and substituting the replacement disk into the storage pool previously occupied by the retired disk.

  • Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade is a new feature of Windows Server 2016 that allows the live migration of all virtual machines in a cluster from a Windows Server 2012 R2 host to Windows Server 2016 host. This lets you move Hyper-V and scale-out file server workloads to the latest version of Windows Server with zero interruption of service, avoiding downtime penalties against SLAs. Other cluster workloads like SQL Server are paused only for the few minutes required to failover to Windows Server 2016. The rolling upgrade process requires no extra hardware and the upgraded cluster continues using the existing cluster objects stored in Active Directory.

    Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade utilizes a new mixed-OS mode that allows nodes with different host operating system versions to run within the same cluster. This allows you to pause, drain, evict, and reformat any node in the cluster, install Windows Server 2016 on the node, and bring the node back online. The Failover Cluster continues operating during this procedure as it would during any node outage. You can then use Failover Cluster Manager or PowerShell to add the upgraded node back into the cluster. All nodes operate at the older Windows Server 2012 R2 functional level until every node in the cluster has been upgraded. When all nodes have been migrated to Windows Server 2016, the entire cluster can be upgraded at once to the new functionality level with a single PowerShell cmdlet.

    Windows Server 2016 Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade Consulting

    Rolling Upgrades allow you to stage a migration to Windows Server 2016 VMs without incurring cluster downtime

    Progent can guide you through the Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade process following best practices, help you load balance the upgraded cluster, and show you how to take advantage of the new features provided by Windows Server 2016.

  • Fault Domains are hardware entities that share a single point of failure. Servers, or nodes, are the original fault domain supported by Windows Server Failover Clustering. Windows Server 2016 adds support for fault domains at the chassis, rack and site levels. Fault domain awareness improves fault tolerance by helping to distribute data across multiple vulnerable components so copies of protected data reside in different fault domains. Windows Server 2016 allows you to define fault domains with PowerShell or XML markup. Storage Spaces Direct uses fault domains to optimize data protection by automatically placing copies of data on different drives, nodes, chasses and racks. Windows Server 2016 Health Service uses fault domains to improve the usefulness of alerts. Stretch clustering uses fault domains for storage affinity, improving performance by running applications or VMs on servers in closest proximity to their storage servers.

  • Virtual Machine Load Balancing is a new integrated feature of Windows Server 2016 that allows automatic live migration of virtual machines between nodes within a Failover Cluster. This helps maximize availability and performance of Failover Clusters and reduces the need to deploy additional physical servers to handle critical workloads during peak periods. VM Load Balancing improves performance, fault tolerance and resource utilization by automatically determining whether a node has become overloaded and assigning VMs from that node to an under-committed one, such as a server that has just been rebooted. This process requires no downtime, takes into account failure policies like fault domains, and is based on heuristics for weighing VM memory pressure, which is the most common resource constraint on a Hyper-V host, and CPU utilization of the node. VM Load Balancing can be configured to run every 30 minutes or on demand, and you can use PowerShell to select one of three thresholds for determining the aggressiveness of load balancing.

    Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machine Load Balancing Consulting

    VM Load Balancing automatically and non-disruptively moves VMs from over-utilized to under-utilized nodes

  • Virtual Machine Start Order is a new feature in Windows Server 2016 Failover Clustering that allows you to orchestrate the priority in which VMs and all groups in a cluster are activated or re-activated. You can group VMs into tiers and define dependencies between different tiers. This can ensure, for example, that VM domain controllers are started first. This avoids scenarios where VMs that require services are activated before the VMs that deliver those services.

  • Cloud Witness is a new type of quorum witness for Windows Server 2016 Failover Clusters that uses Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to maintain a blob file to act as the quorum arbitration point. The quorum witness has a vote in determining whether to keep a stretch cluster running after a datacenter experiences an outage and is an important component of an enterprise-class disaster recovery solution. Leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure is an easy and affordable way to host an offsite quorum witness without the cost and management overhead of deploying a separate datacenter. This also adheres to best practices when designing the topology of a quorum witness. You can use a single Azure Storage Account for multiple clusters, with one blob file required for each cluster. Since only a small amount of data is written to the blob file, which is updated only when the state of the cluster nodes change, the ongoing costs of the Azure storage account is low.

    Windows Server 2016 Cloud Witness Consulting

    Azure-based Cloud Witness is a fast, affordable way to configure a Failover Cluster quorum witness

  • Support for Workgroup and Multi-domain Clusters makes it possible to create Windows Server 2016 Failover Clusters without Active Directory dependencies. In previous releases of Windows Server, Failover Clusters could only be created with server nodes joined to the same domain. Windows Server 2016 still lets you create single-domain clusters but you can also deploy Workgroup clusters and Multi-domain clusters with nodes that are members of different domains. You can use Failover Cluster Manager or PowerShell to create Workgroup clusters and Multi-domain clusters. The recommended witness type for Workgroup clusters and Multi-domain clusters is Disk Witness or the new Windows Server 2016 Cloud Witness. File Share Witness is unsupported for clusters with nodes that are not domain joined.
How Progent Can Help You with Windows Server 2016 Disaster Recovery
Progent's Microsoft-certified consulting team can help organizations of any size to design a non-disruptive migration to Windows Server 2016 based on the new Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade feature. Progent can help you configure Windows Server 2016 for one or multiple physical datacenters, for a cloud-centric deployment, or for a hybrid environment that seamlessly combines local and cloud resources. Progent's disaster recovery and business continuity consultants can help you design and validate a disaster recovery plan that incorporates Microsoft's latest high-availability technology for Failover Clusters including Storage Replica for zero-data-loss Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Storage Spaces Direct for enterprise-class network-attached storage using commodity hardware, Virtual Machine Load Balancing for improving the performance and fault-tolerance of Failover Clusters while minimizing capital investment and management overhead, and Cloud Witness for fast, low-cost deployment of a stretch cluster quorum witness.

Progent's information assurance consultants can help you achieve and prove compliance with regulatory and industry data security requirement such as SOX, ISO 27001, PCI DSS 3.2 and FedRAMP by showing you how to configure the powerful new security tools available with Windows Server 2016 including Windows Containers, Shielded Virtual Machines, Credential Guard, Remote Credential Guard and Just In Time (JIT) Privileged Access Management. (For a description of these security enhancements, see Windows Server 2016 integration consulting.)

Progent's information assurance consultants can help you deploy new security feature like Windows and Hyper-V Containers, Shielded Virtual Machines, Credential Guard, Remote Credential Guard and Just In Time (JIT) Privileged Access Management to make it easier for you to comply with regulatory and industry data security requirement such as SOX, ISO 27001, PCI DSS 3.2, and FedRAMP. Progent's roster of Cisco CCIE-certified network infrastructure consultants is one of the largest of any independent IT services firm in the U.S., and Progent can help you design, deploy and manage a hybrid network ecosystem that fully delivers the high-availability and disaster recovery capabilities of Windows Server 2016. To streamline the management of your Windows Server 2016 Failover Clusters, Progent can provide expertise with PowerShell scripting, Failover Cluster Manager, Hyper-V Manager, System Center 2016 migration, System Center 2016 Operations Manager (SCOM 2016) integration and Virtual Machine Manager 2016 (VVM 2016) hybrid cloud management consulting.

To help you protect critical Microsoft workloads with Windows Server 2016's disaster recovery solutions, Progent offers services that include Exchange 2016 integration consulting, SQL Server 2016 consulting, and SharePoint development and integration. For hybrid environments that use public cloud services, Progent offers Office 365 Exchange Online consulting, Amazon AWS integration, and Google Cloud integration consulting.

Progent's Online Consulting and Troubleshooting Expertise
Progent is a pioneer in delivering online consulting and troubleshooting expertise and has provided remote solutions to organizations in every state in the U.S. (See Progent's Customer Testimonials.) Progent also offers onsite consulting services in major metropolitan areas across the United States and parts of Canada. Progent can provide as-needed guidance to help you resolve occasional technical issues or full project management outsourcing or co-sourcing services to make sure your Windows Server 2016 initiative is successfully completed on time and within budget.

If you need immediate online help from a Progent consultant, visit Progent's Online Technical Response Center.

Contact Progent for Windows Server 2016 Expertise
For more information about Progent's consulting and troubleshooting support for Windows Server 2016, call 1-800-993-9400 or go to Contact Progent.

High Availability Technologies Offered by Progent's Consultants
Progent's certified support professionals can help your business to build an efficient, fault-tolerant information network that resolves major issues covering a broad array of infrastructure technologies and operations including:

Disaster Recovery Planning
Progent's business continuity engineers can help you create a disaster recovery strategy that will allow you to restore IT functionality in case of an information network catastrophe. Progent can assist you to develop a complete disaster recovery strategy that includes scheduled disaster recovery evaluations and drills. Progent's Microsoft and Cisco-authorized consultants can also show you how to build an affordable, fault-tolerant network architecture that takes into account availability issues covering a wide range of infrastructure technologies and processes. For more information, go to Workplace Recovery Consulting Services.

CRISC-Premier Network Risk Mitigation
The CRISC program was initiated by ISACA to verify a consultant's skills to plan, implement, and support IS control mechanisms to mitigate network risk. Progent offers the expertise of a CRISC-certified consultant to help your company to develop and execute a business continuity plan that follows leading practices promoted by CRISC and geared to align with your company's risk tolerance, business goals, and budgetary guidelines. To find out more, visit CRISC-Certified network risk control experts.

Windows Server 2019 Fault-tolerant Failover Clustering
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 incorporated significant enhancements in capacity, performance, manageability, cybersecurity, app compatibility, Linux co-existence, container technology, and hybrid combinations of local and cloud assets. Headline enhancements of Microsoft Windows Server 2019 are Windows Admin Center for centralizing the management of hybrid local/cloud deployments, System Insights for utilizing modern predictive intelligence to manage local environments, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Exploit Guard for host-intrusion prevention, container networking with Kubernetes, Cluster Sets for deploying and administering massive non-stop scale-out clusters, and Microsoft's Storage Migration Service for simplifying the upgrade process from legacy versions of Windows Server. For more information, go to Windows Server 2019 Fault-tolerant Failover Clustering Help.

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Disaster Recovery Solutions
VMware's Site Recovery Manager is an extension to VMware vCenter that allows you to orchestrate, automate and test a repeatable process for recovering applications and services rapidly after a breakdown. Site Recovery Manager supports centrally managed and automated recovery, application mobility, plus non-intrusive site relocation, failback and re-protect. SRM also supports non-disruptive testing for site recovery, upgrades and fixes and can produce audit reports to confirm full service recovery, validate SLAs and demonstrate compliance. Progent offers the skills of a VCDX certified VMware SRM consultant to help your organization to design, configure, test and administer a DR system based on VMware Site Recovery Manager.

NetApp MetroCluster Disaster Recovery Software
NetApp MetroCluster is a disaster recovery platform that combines array-based storage clustering along with continual replication to provide fast, zero data loss disaster recovery between sites located as far as 185 miles (300km) away from one another. Progent can provide the skills of a NetApp MetroCluster expert who can help your business to plan, configure, manage, update, test and repair a disaster recovery solution built around NetApp MetroCluster. Progent can assist you to choose an architecture for your MetroCluster deployment that aligns with your functional requirements and IT budget. Progent can ensure you adhere to best practices for configuring your MetroCluster solution by providing guidance with tasks like assigning shelf IDs, determining plexes layout, setting up NetApp FlexVol volumes, setting up NetApp Snapshot, installing Cisco and Brocade switches, implementing a tiebreaker mechanism, designing a configuration replication network, and testing your MetroCluster disaster recovery solution to prove adherence with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Network Load Balancing
Progent offers fault tolerant load balancing support that addresses system load balancing, load balanced programs, network infrastructure routing, and content dispatching technology such as F5 Networks 3DNS. High availability load balancing products for which Progent offers consulting services include Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 Server Network Load Balancing Manager, Citrix Access Suite and Access Gateway, Cisco CSS, Cisco Content Distribution Manager and Cisco CDN Software, and F5 Networks 3-DNS. To learn more, visit Fault Tolerant Load Balancing.

Fault Tolerant Colocation
Progent's Data Center professionals can help you find fault-tolerant data centers that meet the particular requirements of your business. Fault tolerant colocation sites are particularly appealing to small and mid-size businesses because of their low cost and simplified logistics compared to pursuing a do-it-yourself approach. Trying to design an in-house data center that offers even a minimum degree of fault tolerance is too expensive for most small organizations. Progent can show you how to get all the benefits of non-stop Internet data centers by providing a full array of consulting and support services. For more information, see Fault Tolerant Internet Data Centers Expertise.

Non-stop Branch Office Networking
Progent's interoffice connectivity consultants can help companies create fault tolerant branch office connectivity solutions by means of fully redundant networks with transparent failover. Progent's Cisco-certified CCIE engineers can plan and implement fault-tolerant Inter-office connections supported by non-stop EIGRP network routers or zero-downtime OSPF configurations of Cisco routers. Progent can demonstrate how redundant connectivity and automatic fail-over can provide economical non-stop interoffice connectivity. For more information, go to Failsafe Interoffice Networking.

High Availability Internet Connectivity
Progent's Cisco-certified network consultants can help you build an affordable, high availability Internet configuration architecture that can deliver non-stop Internet access through a wide range of high availability Internet access solutions including non-stop BGP, transparent fail-over, and multiple Internet Service Providers. Progent can provide Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert consultants to help you utilize the most up-to-date techniques for 24x7 Internet connectivity to build an economical, fully redundant Internet network with automatic failover and other capabilities to deliver non-stop Internet access. To find out more, see Fault Tolerant Internet Access Solutions.

Backup and Recovery Solutions Consultants
Progent offers economical online access to IT engineers skilled in a wide array of utilities and services that deliver solutions for protecting Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux physical and virtual servers and desktops plus laptops and smartphones. Progent can provide consulting support for leading data protection platforms such as Acronis, Backup Exec, BackupAssist Software, CrashPlan, Double-Take Backup, Mozy, Retrospect, Apple Time Machine, VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP), and Oracle Solaris FLARs. Progent's consultants can help your company to design, enhance, or troubleshoot data backup systems for a range of architectures including on-premises, remote, cloud-based, or hybrid. For details, see Backup and Restore Solutions Expertise.

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) Backup and Restore Consulting
Progent's expert System Center Data Protection Manager consultants can help your company to develop a practical workplace recovery strategy, design a cost-effective high-availability IT infrastructure, configure a System Center Data Protection Manager-powered recovery solution, thoroughly test your DPM system, train your IT personnel or regular service providers how to maintain System Center Data Protection Manager, or provide complete IT outsourcing including remote hosting of Microsoft SCDPM machines in Progent's world-class data center. For details, go to Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager Consulting.

Barracuda Backup On-premises and Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Barracuda Backup is a low-cost, subscription-based backup and disaster recovery service for small and mid-size businesses. A Barracuda Backup solution can incorporate a custom-designed physical storage device built by Barracuda or a virtual appliance with comparable features but which utilizes your existing storage infrastructure. Barracuda Backup protects vital business data generated locally, at one or more remote sites, or in the cloud. For disaster preparedness, you can replicate data to the Barracuda Cloud, to Amazon Web Services (AWS), or to any site with a physical or virtual Barracuda appliance. Progent is a certified Barracuda partner and Progent's Barracuda Backup consultants offer a wide range of consulting support services to assist your business to plan, integrate, operate and troubleshoot a backup and disaster recovery system based on Barracuda technology. For details, see Barracuda Backup and disaster recovery consulting.

ProSight Data Protection Services Altaro VM Backup Solutions for Backup and Disaster Recovery
Hornetsecurity's Altaro VM Backup offers small and mid-size businesses a dependable and affordable platform for backing up and restoring Hyper-V and VMware-powered VMs. Altaro VM Backup can be used for local, offsite, multi-site, and cloud environments and also enables low-cost cloud backup to Microsoft Azure storage. Altaro VM Backup supports advanced features like Immutable Cloud Storage for an extra layer of protection from ransomware. Progent is an Altaro partner and offers a broad range of online or onsite services to assist you to design, install, manage and troubleshoot a comprehensive backup/restore solution powered by Altaro VM Backup. With ProSight DPS Altaro VM Backup, Progent delivers a managed backup/restore service based on Altaro VM Backup technology. To learn more, see Altaro VM Backup consulting.

ProSight Data Protection Services 365 Total Backup Solutions for Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 provides rudimentary archiving but does not have native support for key data protection capabilities such as Exchange Online backups or long-term point-in-time data recovery for OneDrive for Business or SharePoint. Hornetsecurity's 365 Total Backup delivers a feature-rich platform for automatic backup and rapid recovery of all your company's M365 mail, Teams Chats, SharePoint documents, OneDrive for Business data, and content on Windows endpoints. Progent is an authorized Hornetsecurity/Altaro partner and offers ProSight Data Protection Services (DPS) 365 Total Backup to provide comprehensive management services for Hornetsecurity's 365 Total Backup suite. ProSight DPS 365 Total Backup delivers a budget-friendly backup-as-a-service alternative that protects M365 components against data loss resulting from user or software error, malevolent sabotage, and malware attacks such as ransomware. To find out more, go to ProSight Data Protection Services 365 Total Backup solutions for Microsoft 365.

Fully Managed Cloud Backup: ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO
ProSight Data Protection Services ECHO from Progent offer small and mid-sized organizations a low cost and fully managed service for secure backup/disaster recovery. For a fixed monthly cost, ProSight DPS ECHO automates and monitors your backup activities and enable fast restoration of vital files, applications and VMs that have become unavailable or corrupted as a result of hardware failures, software bugs, natural disasters, human mistakes, or malicious attacks like ransomware. ProSight DPS ECHO can help you protect, retrieve and restore files, folders, applications, system images, plus Hyper-V and VMware images. Important data can be backed up on the cloud, to a local storage device, or mirrored to both. Progent's BDR consultants can deliver advanced expertise to configure ProSight DPS ECHO to to comply with regulatory standards like HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI and, when necessary, can assist you to restore your business-critical data. Find out more about ProSight DPS ECHO managed cloud backup and recovery.

ProSight DPS 360 Backup Solutions
Progent can assist you to design, deploy and debug a backup/restore solution built around MSP360 technology. MSP360 offers file/folder or image-based backup/recovery for virtual machines and physical computers, supports all popular public clouds, and allows businesses to create a backup solution with a minimum RTO and a granular Recovery Point Objective (RPO). With ProSight DPS 360 Backup, Progent offers comprehensive monitoring and management of your backup environment to prevent data loss caused by user miscues, computer errors, malicious insiders, and external attacks like ransomware. To find out more, visit ProSight DPS 360 Backup solutions.

Consulting for Double-Take Solutions for Data Backup/Restore
Double-Take publishes a family of tools intended to deliver small and midsize companies a range of affordable alternatives for replicating and recovering business-critical workloads including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, RIM Blackberry, and Microsoft SharePoint. Progent's disaster recovery planning consultants have in-depth experience integrating Double-Take products into small company information systems to create an advanced level of fault tolerance and business continuity readiness at a budget-friendly price. For more information, see Consulting for Double-Take Solutions for Data Backup.

Why Choose Progent for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning?
Since Progent is a Microsoft Partner and provides specialized application expertise for a broad variety of business software programs, Progent can help customers to find efficient information technology solutions that substantially enhance the business value of your network. As a Registered Partner for Cisco, Progent offers the expertise of certified consultants and specialists with experience in designing, configuring and troubleshooting infrastructure environments built on Cisco technology. The depth and breadth of Progent's IT experience and Progent's sensitivity to the requirements of small companies make Progent a great partner for building and running an affordable, fault-tolerant information system.

How You Can Access Progent's Consultants for Support for Fault Tolerant IT Systems
If you wish to ask Progent about consulting help for fault tolerant networking, phone 1-800-993-9400 or visit Contact Progent.

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  • Microsoft SQL 2008 Technology Providers Edison-Mercer County Edison-New Brunswick, NJ Onsite and Remote Support Microsoft SQL Server
  • Modesto Stanislaus County, America Modesto Maze Ransomware Operational-Recovery Modesto Locky Crypto-Ransomware Operational-Recovery Modesto, CA
  • Network Support Consultants Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Harrisburg-Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Computer Network Support Firms Harrisburg-Lancaster
  • New Haven Work at Home Employees Endpoint Management Tools Consultants New Haven Connecticut, USA Work from Home Employees Assistance near me in New Haven - Management Solutions Expertise New Haven Meriden Milford

  • Cisco Switch Technicians
    IT Outsource Cisco CCIE Online

    Progent can assist your organization to deploy Cisco's infrastructure technology to create a robust foundation for your onsite, private cloud, or hybrid data center and improve operations in vital areas such as resource utilization, security and compliance, manageability, uptime, and recoverability.

  • New Orleans Network Specialists New Orleans Providers
  • Offsite DPM Managed Data Backup Service Integration Technology Professional Offsite DPM Backup Service
  • Offsite Workforce Palo Alto Assistance - Collaboration Systems Consulting Redwood City, CA, United States At Home Workforce Palo Alto Expertise - Collaboration Systems Expertise Palo Alto, CA, USA

  • 7900 Series IP Phone IT Consulting
    Top Cisco VoIP Phones and CUBE Onsite Technical Support

    Progent's Cisco CCIE-certified network infrastructure experts offer high-level support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) (previously CallManager). Progent can help your organization to integrate VoIP phones, create dial plans, configure SIP trunking and PSTN connections, deploy Cisco ISR G2 routers with CUBE support, and deploy UCS server failover solutions.

  • Offsite Workforce Sydney Consulting Experts - Call Desk Augmentation Assistance Sydney, NSW New South Wales At Home Workers Sydney Consultants - Call Desk Outsourcing Consulting
  • Phoenix Netwalker Ransomware System-Rebuild Maricopa County Arizona Phoenix Sodinokibi Crypto-Ransomware Business Recovery Phoenix
  • Pleasanton California Pleasanton Egregor Ransomware Forensics Pleasanton, CA Pleasanton Avaddon Ransomware Forensics
  • Rancho Cordova At Home Workers IP Voice Solutions Consultants Remote Workforce Rancho Cordova Guidance - VoIP Solutions Assistance Sacramento-Rancho Cordova
  • Ransomware Removal and Data Restore Western Australia Snatch Ransomware Hot Line Perth, WA
  • Redhat Linux, Solaris, UNIX Remote Troubleshooting Arlington Texas Slackware Linux, Solaris, UNIX Consulting Services Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth
  • Remote Debian Linux, Solaris, UNIX Network Consultant Cleveland Public Square Remote Consulting Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX Cuyahoga County Ohio, United States
  • Reston DopplePaymer Crypto-Ransomware Forensics Reston-Chantilly, Virginia Reston Dharma Crypto-Ransomware Forensics Analysis Reston-Sterling, VA
  • Roseville Technical Support Companies 24-Hour Roseville Citrus Heights Computer Network Consultants
  • After Hours Windows Server 2016 Information Assurance Network Consultant
  • SCOM Application Monitoring Professionals SCOM Management Packs Online Support Services
  • SQL Server 2012 Engineers Cleveland, United States Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Technology Consultants
  • Emergency Windows Server 2016 Workgroup clusters Remote Support
  • San Diego Temporary IT Staffing Support San Diego California San Diego IT Staffing Support
  • San Diego-University City, CA Maze Ransomware Hot Line Top Quality Ransomware Cryptoworm Recovery La Jolla

  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 Upgrade Specialists
    Exchange 2000 Upgrading

    Progent is among the most experienced network consulting firms for designing email and messaging systems based on Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Progent specializes in helping small companies receive all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2000 under typical situations including updating from Microsoft Exchange 5.5, moving from an ISP-managed or POP3 e-mail environment, and outsourcing your Exchange 2000 support.

  • Security Cybersecurity Organizations Lodi, Escalon CA Security Information Technology Consulting Lodi, Escalon CA

  • NotPetya ransomware recovery Technology Professional
    ransomware cleanup and file restore Consultant

    Progent's ransomware experts can help you to assess your ransomware vulnerability, monitor and guard your network, assist with settlement negotiations with a threat actor, and reconstruct a network victimized by a ransomware variant like Ryuk, Maze, Sodinokibi, DopplePaymer, Snatch or Nephilim.

  • Windows Server 2016 Software Load Balancing Consulting Services
  • Small Business Network Consulting Firm BlackBerry BPS Denver International Airport, USA BlackBerry BES Administration Denver
  • Sodinokibi Ransomware Hot Line Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, Tinker Air Force Base Ransomware Business Recovery
  • Southlake-Coppell, Texas, USA Southlake Nephilim Crypto-Ransomware Forensics Analysis 24 Hour Southlake MongoLock Ransomware Forensics Southlake-Grapevine
  • Support and Help Catalyst Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E AP Site Survey 24 Hour Catalyst 802.11ax AP Computer Consultants
  • Technical Firms Belo Horizonte, Brazil Implementation Support Belo Horizonte-Santa Luzia
  • Technician Pacific Grove Monterey County Design Firm
  • Specialist Windows Server 2016 High Availability
  • Top At Home Workers Guidance near me in Providence - Infrastructure Guidance Providence Rhode Island Remote Workforce Consulting Experts nearby Providence - Infrastructure Consulting Experts
  • Top Dynamics GP Vender near me in Ottawa - Recovery Expert Gatineau, Quebec Dynamics GP Vendor near me in Ottawa - Migration Programming and Support Ontario
  • Upgrade Consultant Solaris to Windows 24-7 UNIX Migration
  • Windows Server 2016 Failover Clusters Integration Support
  • Urgent Smartphone Consultant Services Consultant iPhone Integration
  • WatchGuard Firebox M4800 Firewall Security Contractors WatchGuard Firebox T55 Firewall Security Evaluation
  • Windows 7 Upgrade Support and Integration Windows 7 Integration Support and Help
  • Windows Computer Outsourcing Consultant Ribeirão Preto, Estado de São Paulo Windows Server 2016 Small Business IT Outsourcing Company Ribeirão Preto, Franca
  • Windows Security Consulting Firms District of Columbia Computer Service Providers Windows Washington DC, U.S.A.
  • Windows Server 2012 Technical Support Firm Kansas City, Jackson County, United States Windows Server 2016 Software Consulting Services Jackson County Missouri
  • Windows Server 2016 Network Consulting Group Springfield Massachusetts, US Windows Server 2016 Computer Consulting Services
  • Winston-Salem, NC Winston-Salem Remote Workers Solutions Consulting Experts Remote Workers Winston-Salem Consulting and Support Services - Integration Solutions Consulting Forsyth County North Carolina
  • Windows Server 2016 Storage Replica Network Consultant
  • Work at Home Employees Hayward Consulting - Infrastructure Consulting Hayward California, United States San Lorenzo, CA Hayward Remote Workers Integration Expertise
  • Network Consultant Windows Server 2016 Fault Domains
  • Yountville, Rutherford Napa Egregor Crypto-Ransomware Forensics Investigation Napa Valley Napa WannaCry Crypto-Ransomware Forensics Investigation

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