Optimize your Internet Security settings:

Verify that the version of Internet Explorer you are running is 5.5 or greater. Within Internet Explorer click the Help menu, then click on About Internet Explorer. Here is an example below:

From Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options (or go to Control Panel / Internet Options). Click on the Security tab, and click the Default Level button if it is available. Ensure that your browser security setting is set to the Medium level. If not, please set it to Medium manually, as shown below:

Configure your Internet Privacy settings:

From the Privacy tab, click on the Advanced button (not the tab). Set your Advanced Privacy Settings just as you see them in the picture below.

If you have the most recent updates for Windows XP, you will have a Sites button on the Privacy tab. In Windows 2000, you'll have an Edit button in the lower right corner of the Privacy screen. If you choose, you use this to add www.progent.com as a Trusted site, always allowed to set cookies.

To add our server to your Trusted sites list in your Privacy settings, click on Sites (or Edit in Windows 2000), then enter www.progent.com and click Allow - as shown below:

Configure your temporary directory:

Run the Test Browser utility. If the Temporary directory is not C:\temp, click the CHANGE DIR button, and type in “Temp” then click ENTER.

Configure the default Java environment:

From the Advanced Internet Properties, locate your Java options. You will have Java (Sun), Microsoft VM, both of these or neither.

An example of correct settings is below:

Add our Linktivity server to your Trusted sites list.

First, from the Security tab, select Trusted sites as shown below:

Next, click on the Sites button. That will give you the following dialog:

Enter progent.com, and click on Add. You may need to uncheck the box at the bottom where is says Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.

If you followed these steps from within Internet Explorer, you should reboot before starting a support session with a Progent technician.