Windows Server Hyper-V ConsultantsHyper-V 3.0, the virtualization platform included with Windows Server 2012, offers a wealth of enhancements over the Windows Server 2008 R2 version of Hyper-V. These enhancements facilitate the deployment and management of virtual servers and storage, delivering enterprise-class capabilities that are well within the budgets of small and mid-size companies. Areas of improvement over previous releases of Hyper-V include more secure multitenancy, more flexible infrastructure, increased capacity and performance, easier manageability, improved cloud readiness, and higher availability. Windows Server 2012 R2 incorporates additional improvements to Hyper-V, dramatically enhancing and system resilience and Live Migration performance.

Progentís Microsoft-certified consultants can help you understand the value of Hyper-V for your information network, set up test environments to streamline your migration to Hyper-V and verify the ability of Hyper-V to handle your workloads, design a Hyper-V solution that optimizes performance while minimizing costs, install and configure Hyper-V virtual machines that are secure and easy to maintain, show you how to utilize Hyper-V to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime, train your IT staff to manage your virtual environment, and provide ongoing remote and onsite support when you need it.

Hyper-V 3.0 Shared Nothing Consulting

Shared Nothing Live Migration Eliminates Downtime for Scheduled Maintenance

One of the headline enhancements in Hyper-V 3.0 that can improve productivity for smaller organizations is "shared nothing live migration." This feature makes it possible to move a virtual machine (VM) non-disruptively from a physical host that has low-cost attached storage to a different physical host that also has attached storage. Live migration previously required Storage Area Networks (SANs), which are too costly to acquire and too complex to manage for most small businesses. Shared nothing live migration can take time to execute, because the source disk must be copied and then synchronized. This makes shared nothing live migration inappropriate for disaster recovery scenarios. However, this feature is an excellent, cost-effective way to eliminate the downtime associated with scheduled server maintenance, which is a major cause of workload unavailability for smaller companies.

New and Improved Features of Hyper-V 3.0
Hyper-V 3.0 features important enhancements over Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V including improved workload isolation in cloud or hybrid environments, more options for adding and moving servers, increased capacity and performance, and higher availability. Notable improvements in these areas include:

Better Workload Isolation
Windows Server 2012 offers workload isolation at the network layer to provide a high level of security for cloud or service environments that allow multiple groups to share basic network resources (known as multitenancy). New Hyper-V 3.0 features that are not supported in earlier versions of Hyper-V include:

  • Private virtual local area networks (PVLANs) allow managers to isolate VMs from each other without losing external network access for all VMs
  • DHCP guard protects against unauthorized VMs acting as DHCP servers
  • Router guard protects against unauthorized VMs acting as routers
  • Hyper-V Extensible Switch is a Layer 2 virtual network switch that provides an open platform for plug-ins and offers unified control, simpler support, and free basic services for third-party extensions
  • Extension monitoring allows monitoring and filtering extensions to collect statistics on traffic entering and leaving the Hyper-V Extensible Switch
  • Extension uniqueness improves security by ensuring that extension state/configuration is unique to instances of Hyper-V Extensible Switch on a VM
  • Extensions that learn the workload life cycle of VMs can learn the flow of network traffic in order to optimize virtual network performance
  • Extensions that prohibit state changes can identify and stop harmful state changes and allow the initiation of monitoring and security features
  • Multiple extensions on the same switch save money and allow more control and enhanced security
More Options for Adding and Moving Servers
Enhancements to Hyper-V 3.0 make it easier and quicker for datacenter administrators to add or move servers. New Hyper-V 3.0 features that are not supported in Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V include:
  • Network virtualization (as opposed to server virtualization) allows a VM to be moved to any node, even across the cloud, regardless of IP address
  • IP address rewrite eliminates the need to upgrade network adapters, switches, or appliances by mapping each VM customer address (CA) to a unique host provider address (PA)
  • Generic Routing Encapsulation uses Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) IP packets to map a virtual to a physical network, improving performance by reducing the workload on network switches
  • Simultaneous live migration allows you to move multiple VMs concurrently across cluster boundaries and between stand-alone non-clustered servers
  • Live storage migration allows you to move virtual hard disks attached to a VM without having to turn off the VM during the merge operation
  • Merging snapshots allows you to merge snapshots back into the VM without requiring the VM to be turned off during the merge operation
  • PowerShell Automation support for Hyper-V includes more than 150 built-in Hyper-V cmdlets for Microsoft Windows PowerShell, eliminating the need to have access to a developer who is familiar with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
Increased Capacity and Performance
Hyper-V 3.0 is designed to take advantage of the latest server, network, and storage hardware to provide greater capacity and performance. These enhancements include:
  • Expanded capacity for Hyper-V 3.0 compared to Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V includes up to 320 vs. 64 logical processors on hardware, 4 TB vs. 1 TB of physical memory, 64 vs. 4 virtual processors, 1 TB vs. 64 GB of memory on a virtual machine, 64 vs. 16 nodes, and 8,000 vs. 1,000 virtual machines in a cluster.
  • NUMA support within large VMs provides enhanced performance by allowing the host OS and applications to access local memory faster than remote memory.
  • Support for SR-IOV-capable network adapters increases network throughput by reducing network latency and host processor overhead
  • Reclamation of unused memory from VMs with a minimum memory value lower than their startup value significantly improves virtual machine density in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments
  • Hyper-V smart paging allows VMs to continue running after they have used up their physical memory
  • Runtime memory configuration allows you to reconfigure Dynamic Memory while a VM is still running without affecting other VMs
  • Resource Metering allows Hyper-V to track and report on resources used by processor, memory, storage, and the network based on IP address or VM
  • Virtual hard disk format (VHDX) supports up to 64 TB of storage, avoids data corruption resulting from power loss by logging updates, and optimizes performance on large-sector disks through structure alignment
  • Offloaded data transfer support allows Hyper-V to use SAN copy offload to copy large amounts of data from one location to another in order to reduce CPU overhead and provide fast VM provisioning and migration
  • Data Center Bridging (DCB) allows Hyper-V to use DCB-capable devices to merge different classes of network traffic onto a single adapter in order to cut the hardware costs and reduce the management overhead associated with handling separate traffic for network, management, live migration, and storage
  • Virtual Fibre Channel in Hyper-V allows Fibre Channel to connect directly from within a virtual machine's guest operating system
  • Multipath I/O (MPIO) for Fibre Channel improves the availability of access to Fibre Channel storage within a VM
  • Support for 4 KB disk sectors in Hyper-V virtual hard disks improves capacity and dependability and reduces the impact of 512e disks on the virtual hard disk stack
  • Quality of Service (QoS) minimum bandwidth reduces the need for high-cost network adapters for specifying bandwidths for different classes of traffic in order to deliver more predictable network performance to VMs
Higher Availability
Hyper-V 3.0 provides a variety of enhancements that can improve network and workload availability by eliminating single-point failures, reducing the need for scheduled downtime to perform maintenance, and minimizing recovery time in case of a catastrophic failure due to human or natural disaster. Improvements in availability include:
  • Live incremental backup of virtual hard disks utilizes difference-only backup to conserve network bandwidth and save disk space
  • Hyper-V Replica performs multi-site asynchronous VM replication to provide disaster recovery within minutes with little or no data loss
  • NIC Teaming for load balancing and failover (LBFO) provides integrated support for connecting up to 32 virtual network adapters to multiple virtual switches to protect against network failure
  • Guest clustering makes it possible to connect Fibre Channel directly from within VMs
  • BitLocker-encrypted cluster volumes enhance security for deployments outside the datacenter or in the cloud
  • Simultaneous live migration allows you to move multiple VMs concurrently, even across cluster boundaries and between stand-alone non-clustered servers
  • Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) 2.0 has the built-in ability to integrate with storage arrays for replication and hardware snapshots in order to simplify VM management, strengthen security, and enhance performance
  • Application monitoring can track the health of critical VM services and automatically launches remedial activity such as restarting a VM or moving a VM to a different server
  • Live migration queuing allows managers to save time by queuing live migrations of multiple VMs
  • Virtual machine failover prioritization allows lower priority VMs automatically to release resources required by higher priority VMs at failover
  • Affinity VM rules allow managers to configure partnered VMs for simultaneous migrations at failover
  • Anti-affinity VM rules enable managers to block two specified VMs from residing on the same node at failover
Hyper-V Enhancements in Windows Server 2012 R2
A major improvement to Hyper-V introduced in Windows Server 2012 R2 is the Tertiary Replica Site. This gives network managers the ability to copy a VM to an additional Hyper-V host server which can be located anywhere. You can also specify how often changes on the running VM are copied to the secondary and tertiary backup sites. Interval options are 15 minutes, 5 minutes, or 30 seconds. Because full recovery from a downed site takes only minutes, you can avoid serious loss of productivity even in the event of a widespread disaster. Better yet, Hyper-V Replica can run asynchronously over an ordinary broadband connection, saving the cost of a dedicated high-speed connection that was traditionally required for enterprise-level disaster recovery.

Other improvements to Hyper-V incorporated into Windows Server 2012 R2 include:

  • Virtual Machine Live Cloning: You can run a Live Clone while a Virtual Machine is still operating. This allows you to export any problematic files to another location so you can analyze and resolve issues without incurring downtime. You can also create a new Virtual Machine from a snapshot without downtime. This feature allows you to resolve issues related to untested applications or patches and enables non-disruptive maintenance of key applications.
  • Virtual Receive-side Scaling (vRSS): This feature was introduced by Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and is designed to distribute network traffic processing among multiple cores on the host and the VM. If a VM becomes a traffic bottleneck because it has too much of a load for a single core CPU, vRSS allows the traffic processing load to be shared and can deliver as much as twice the throughput without the need for updating your network infrastructure.
  • Faster Live Migration: Through VM compression and by leveraging the multichannel capabilities of SMB 3.0 (which requires network adapters that support RDMA), Live Migration performance can be improved by as much as a factor of 10.
  • Cross-Version Live Migration: Before the release of Windows Server 2012 R2, administrators had to shut down key workloads in order to upgrade to new version of Windows Server so they could export and import virtual machines. With Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V this is no long necessary, making an upgrade faster, easier, and less disruptive. Cross-Version Live Migration allows you to upgrade from standalone or clustered hosts and lets you manage and automate the upgrade process with PowerShell.
  • Enhanced Failover Clustering: Hyper-V Failover Clustering can now sense and resolve network connectivity failures for virtual machines. If a VM's physical network has a problem such as a broken switch port or a disconnected network cable, the Failover Cluster can automatically assign the virtual machine to another node in the cluster for uninterrupted operation.
  • Shared VHDX files: You can share a virtual hard disk (VHDX) file with multiple VMs. This feature provides the shared storage required for a guest failover cluster and allows VHDX file sharing without subjecting your system to the security issues associated with exposing the topology of your storage. VHDX file sharing makes it possible for users can share important resources such as SQL Server databases and file server services running on a VM.
  • Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA): This new Hyper-V feature enables administrators to deploy virtual machines without being required to manage the product key for each individual VM or read ID stickers on individual servers. AVMA binds virtual machine activation to its licensed server and automatically activates the virtual machine when it starts. Administrators can activate off-premises virtual machine in remote locations and use the virtualization server to keep track of VM usage and licenses without having to have access rights on the virtual machine. The VM can also be activated and continues to run when it is migrated across an array of virtualization servers.
  • Enhanced Linux support: Hyper-V's expanded support for Linux includes the synthetic 2D frame buffer driver for faster Linux graphics, dynamic memory support to enable higher per-host virtual machine density for Linux guests, and Live Virtual Machine Backup Support to improve the availability of Linux applications and simplify management.
How Progent Can Help You with Hyper-V 3.0 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V
Progent's Microsoft-certified Windows Server 2012 R2 consultants can help you with all aspects of evaluating, testing, deploying, optimizing, and supporting Hyper-V. Progent can help you upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V from earlier Hyper-V releases or from other virtualization platforms, and Progent's Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V consultants can help you plan and carry out an efficient migration to Hyper-V 2016. Progent can design and manage pilot deployments to help you assess the suitability of Hyper-V for your workloads and determine the business value of Hyper-V in your environment. In addition, Progent can provide Windows 8.1 expertise or Windows 10 migration help along with integration support for Client Hyper-V, which is included with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Progent's System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager consulting services can help you create and manage private clouds that incorporate Hyper-V virtualization technology.

Progent's disaster recovery consultants and business continuity planning experts can help you create and test a comprehensive DR/BC plan that incorporates Hyper-V technology. To improve fault tolerance and facilitate disaster recovery, Progent offers failover clustering consulting for Windows Server 2012 R2. In addition, Progent's network security engineers can help you establish and verify the compliance of your virtualized environment with government and industry data security requirements,

Progent's Online Consulting and Troubleshooting Services
Progent is a pioneer in providing online consulting and technical help and has provided remote consulting services to IT businesses in every state in the United States. (Refer to Progent's Customer Testimonials.) Online support eliminates the expense and delays related to travel and is the most affordable and quickest way to resolve most network issues. If you need or prefer on-premises support, Progent can promptly dispatch a IT certified consultant to datacenters in major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.

If you need immediate online support from a Microsoft-certified consultant, visit Progent's Online Support Services.

To find out more about how Progent's virtual server consulting professionals can help you with Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V technology, call Progent at 800-993-9400 or visit Contact Progent.

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Progentís Microsoft certified consultants offer a variety of consulting services for Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains). Microsoft Dynamics GP is a financial and ERP platform based, like all Microsoft financial tools, on the expandable and popular platform of Microsoft Windows technology. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers an affordable solution for managing and integrating finances, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, project accounting, on-site support, and human resources. Dynamics GP is easy to install and integrate, and with its segmented design you can license only the functions you currently need, with the ability to add clients and increase capabilities when necessary. Progentís Microsoft Dynamics GP support experts can help you deploy, customize and administer the current version of Dynamics GP or upgrade efficiently from an earlier version.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Support Organization Microsoft SQL 2008 Computer Consulting Group
Repair for Desktop
Award Winning Microsoft Desktop Small Office IT Consulting

Progent can deliver a broad array of affordable consulting and support services to assist you to deploy, configure, repair, and administer workstations and notebooks based on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and OS X, or popular versions of Linux. Progent can provide onsite or remote assistance for single computers or notebooks or help you to design and carry out a large-scale migration to new or revised operating system software and applications. Progent can also provide consultants and technicians to assist you to plan for and implement a company relocation or consolidation designed to cause minimal interruption to your business.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Professionals SharePoint Server Computer Engineer
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Onsite Technical Support IT Consultants for SharePoint 2013
Specialists for Comprehensive Event Management
Network Consultants for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Vancouver, WA

Progent's Microsoft-certified consultants have over 10 years of experience designing, deploying, optimizing and repairing SCOM solutions and offer companies of all sizes advanced remote or onsite consulting support for SCOM 2012. Progent can help your company to design an architecture for Microsoft SCOM 2012 servers that provides the responsiveness and resilience required to monitor your datacenter effectively, whether your infrastructure are on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid solution. Progent can also help you to import and set up SCOM 2012 management packs based on industry best practices for monitoring network fabric and both Microsoft and 3rd-party apps and services. In addition, Progent can provide fast online or on-premises technical support to assist you to fix serious issues detected by Microsoft SCOM 2012.

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Microsoft Windows Network Outsource Microsoft Computer Consulting Group Tallahassee Four Points
Microsoft and Apple Information Technology Outsource Information Technology Outsourcing Company for Help Desk Port St Lucie Florida
MOM 2007 Consultants
On-site Support San Francisco, CA

Medium-size businesses can enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 and have fast availability of Progentís Microsoft and Cisco qualified IT consulting experts. Thanks to Progent's economically priced network support programs, mid-size businesses can select a simple co-sourcing service program built around Microsoft System Center Operations Manager with network monitoring, automated warnings, in-depth system analysis, Help Desk support, and remote service. For businesses with line-of-business applications who need non-stop networking, Progent can provide a complete 24x7 outsourcing package. Progent offers expertise in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to provide medium-size business information systems enterprise-class availability, protection and productivity.

Migrations Exchange Server 2013 Onsite Technical Support in Jersey City, Hudson County
Operations Manager Consultant Services
Comprehensive Event Management Online Troubleshooting

Medium-size businesses can derive all the advantages of Operations Manager 2007 and have fast availability of Progentís Microsoft and Cisco certified network support professionals. With Progent's economically priced IT support packages, medium-size businesses can choose a basic co-sourcing package built around Operations Manager with network monitoring, proactive alerts, comprehensive system analysis, Help Desk Call Center, and remote service. For businesses with mission-critical applications who need non-stop networking, Progent offers a comprehensive round-the-clock outsourcing solution. Progent supports Operations Manager 2007 to provide mid-size business networks world-class availability, security and performance.

Monterey County Networking Support Networking Consultant
ISA 2004 Standard Edition Server Consulting
Microsoft ISA 2004 Server On-site Support in Tampa, FL

Progent's certified ISA Server 2004 consultants have long experience with Internet Security and Acceleration Server configuring ISA Server-based security solutions for information systems with multiple offices, mobile workers, and mission-critical eCommerce applications. Progent's Microsoft Firewall experts can assist your company in planning and deploying an installation of ISA 2000 Server or ISA Server 2004 that supports your information security requirements without overly restricting your network accessibility. Progent's consultants can help you upgrade from Microsoft Proxy Server from Microsoft ISA 2000 to ISA 2004 Enterprise Edition Server, ISA 2004 Standard Edition Server, or other up-to-date versions of ISA Server.

Montgomery, AL Technical Consulting Top Quality Small Business IT Outsourcing Services
1800 ISR Router Support and Help
ISR Router Configuration in Toledo

Cisco has developed an extensive array of routers including appliances built to provide the security, performance, and availability required by organizations ranging from branch offices to global enterprises and ISPs. Cisco routers include support for redundancy, automatic failover, and backup power for improved fault tolerance and network uptime. Progent can help you select and configure Cisco routers to establish a solid infrastructure for your IT system and to make it economical to grow as you support new users, open new offices, install new services, open your network to customers and partners, and manage a more mobile workforce. Progent can provide help with a variety of routers based on the Cisco IOS operating system, including Cisco's 800 series of small business VPN routers, Cisco 2800 and 3800 ISR routers, Cisco 3900 and 4000 G2 ISR routers, Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 Aggregation Services Routers for wide area network edge applications, CRS Carrier Routing System for the network core, as well as older 3600 and 3700 Routers.

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Network Consultant for Cisco Unified SIP Proxy SIP Infrastructure Solutions Engineer
Network Consulting Firm for Newark, New Jersey Newark, NJ Network Management Services
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Business Computer Server Companies for Windows 8.1 Storage Spaces
Windows 8.1 Client Hyper-V Consultancy Services Company

Windows 8.1 is designed to power computers from smart phones and tablets to power-user desktops. A wealth of new and improved features, including touch screen support and signature tile GUI, offer a broad range of advantages for organizations who know how to put them to work. Progent's Microsoft-certified consultants can assist get your organization up the learning curve with Windows 8.1 and show you how to derive maximum business value from the product's various new and enhanced technologies.

Network Consulting for Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 Virtual Machines Dallas, Texas Exchange 2016 Migrations Oak Park, IL
Remote Technical Support for SQL Server Business Intelligence
SQL Server Computer Consultant in Columbus, OH

Progentís Microsoft certified professionals can provide small and mid-sized companies expert Microsoft SQL Server help. Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive, web-ready database and data analysis package that enables the rapid creation of advanced business programs that can give your business a competitive edge. SQL Server provides core support for XML and the ability to query over the Internet and beyond the firewall. In addition to providing consulting, support and troubleshooting services, Progentís SQL experts can help you use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence to enhance the productivity of your IT network. Progent can also help you upgrade from earlier versions of SQL Server to Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Network Engineer for Hyper-V 3.0 Shared Nothing Live Migration Network Consultant for Solaris California - Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, Long Beach, CA, Fresno, CA
Cisco IP phones Troubleshooting
San Ramon, CA Computer Consultant

Progent's Cisco CCIE-certified networking experts can provide high-level support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (previously CallManager). Progent can assist your organization to integrate VoIP phones, design dial plans, configure SIP trunking and PSTN support, deploy Cisco ISR G2 routers with CUBE support, and deploy UCS server failover systems.

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New York City, NY Small Business Network Support CCIE Expert Certified Small Office Network Consulting Services for New York City, COUNTY1, New York
New York, NY IT Consulting Companies New York, NY Server Support
CCIE Expert Certified wireless controller Consulting
2500 Wireless Controller Technical Support Services in Chesapeake

Progent can help you to configure Cisco Wi-Fi controller appliances to manage and monitor wireless networks of all sizes. Progent can assist you to administer and debug your existing Cisco-based Wi-Fi environment or implement an efficient upgrade to Cisco's latest Wi-Fi controller technology.

Omaha, NE Hyper-V 3.0 Virtual Server Technology Professional New York Network Outsource
On-site Technical Support Microsoft and Apple IT Manager in Daly City
Company-wide Standards for Best Practices Network Services
Boston, Massachusetts Network Manager for Access to External Support Databases

Progentís team of Microsoft and Cisco qualified experts average more than ten years of real-world professional experience, in the trenches of IT service, executing a broad range of IT tasks for an extensive mix of clients. Each Progent support professional shares a refined collection of individual best practices which are combined into company-wide best practices standards that Progent teaches its consulting team. This guarantees that you get not only expert IT help, but also a consultant with field-tested methods for applying technical knowledge to resolve real-world network problems efficiently.

Operations Manager Information Technology Consulting Operations Manager Remote Troubleshooting
Part Time Jobs Full-Time Job for CISA Engineer in El Paso
Cisco Firewall Small Office Network Consultants
Small Business Computer Consultant San Jose

Progent offers fast remote support from Cisco CCIE networking consultants. Progent's CCIE consultants can connect to your network via advanced remote diagnostic utilities to provide fast and affordable troubleshooting and remediation of critical network infrastructure issues.

Pasadena, CA Onsite Technical Support Pasadena, California Small Office IT Consulting
64-bit Migration Professional
Online Consulting for 64-bit Server

Progentís Microsoft-certified consultants can help your organization to update your desktops from 32 bits to 64 bits. Progent can assist you to calculate the risks and advantages of upgrading to 64-bit PC desktop computing, design an affordable migration process that minimizes business interruptions, and deliver inexpensive, expert online support to assist your organization to install 64-bit desktop software and application programs on your current computers.

Plano, Texas Services for Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V 3.0 Small Business Computer Consulting Firms for Tucson, AZ
ProSight Active Security Monitoring Consulting
ProSight ASM Endpoint Protection Consulting Boca Rotan, FL

Progent's ProSight Active Security Monitoring (ASM) is an endpoint protection service that incorporates cutting edge behavior analysis technology to guard endpoints as well as servers and VMs against modern malware attacks like ransomware and file-less exploits, which easily evade legacy signature-matching anti-virus products. ProSight ASM safeguards local and cloud resources and provides a single platform to automate the entire malware attack lifecycle including filtering, detection, mitigation, cleanup, and post-attack forensics. Key features include single-click rollback with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and real-time system-wide immunization against newly discovered threats.

Portland Server Consultants Portland, Oregon Technology Consultant
Solution Providers for Windows 8.1 Remote Desktop
Professionals for Microsoft Windows 8.1 Evaluation St. Paul, MN

Microsoft Windows 8.1 is designed to power devices ranging from smart phones and slates to engineering workstations. A wealth of innovative features, including touch screen support and signature tile user interface, offer a wide selection of benefits for companies who know how to exploit them. Progent's Windows experts can assist get your organization up the learning curve with Windows 8.1 and show you how to derive significant business value from the product's many new and enhanced technologies.

ProSight Virtual Hosting Consultant ProSight Virtual Machine Hosting Specialists
Protect for Firewall CISSP Consultant
RIM BlackBerry Computer Support Small Office Computer Consulting Services DC
Consulting for Exchange 2007
Microsoft Exchange 2007 Consultants San Antonio, Texas

Progent's expert support team can help you define and implement a smooth in-place Exchange Server 2007 upgrade plan that avoids productivity disruption, reduces ongoing service requirements, and makes your Exchange Server 2007 easy to administer. For complex multiple server or multi-site migrations, Progent offers the background to finish your project rapidly and affordably. Progent's Exchange Server 2007 help, repair, and design services include expertise with the integration of third-party enhancements of Exchange 2007 Server and the design of unified messaging implementations powered by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Recovery Services for San Antonio IT Consultants
Redwood City, CA Virtual Server Hyper-V Configuration BlackBerry Information Technology Outsourcing Firms
Remote Support Outsourcing Albuquerque, NM Linux Online Support Services in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, GA
SF Onsite Computer Services Pacifica Networking Company Northern California
SQL Server 2014 IT Outsource Miami SQL Server 2016 Technical Support Outsource
Santa Monica, California Computer Support Company Santa Monica, CA Network Administration
Scottsdale Integration Services for Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 Virtual Machines Cincinnati Administration
Security Cybersecurity Tech Services Network Intrusion Penetration Testing for CISSP
Security Security Consultancies Firewall Cybersecurity Team in Shreveport Bossier City
Consultants for Solaris Remote
Professionals in Richmond, VA

Progent offers nationwide remote phone support and consulting services for companies that run UNIX, Linux, or Solaris networks or whose IT systems include a mix of UNIX/Linux and Microsoft products. Online IT help offers maximum return for your information technology dollar by preserving client productivity and shortening the hours charged for computer analysis and repair. Sophisticated remote access technology and skilled service specialists and engineers allow Progent to solve most IT problems without squandering time and money by going to your site. In most of cases your network problems can be dealt with by telephone or via a combination of phone support and online network analysis. Progent can put you in touch with Cisco CCIE infrastructure engineers and CISM certified security specialists to assist with the most challenging network issues.

Service Providers Windows Server 2019 Integration Firm
SBS 2008 Computer Consultants
Microsoft SBS Premium Add-on IT Services Yonkers, NY

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) is a low-cost collection of server products that provides the basis for a feature-rich but manageable IT network. The IT sophistication of the Microsoft .NET products included with Microsoft Small Business Server calls for a computer support expert with real-world background planning and building cohesive, comprehensive business network solutions. Progent's Microsoft SBS Server professionals have an average of over 10 years of background integrating computer networks built on Microsoft technology. This expertise assures you results in deploying, managing, and troubleshooting network solutions that incorporate the Microsoft SBS Server suite of servers and applications.

Slackware Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX Computer Consultant Mandrake Linux, Solaris, UNIX IT Consulting Augusta
Small Business Computer Consulting Group for Virginia Beach, Virginia CISA Certified Security Expert Virginia Beach, VA Migration Companies
Small Business Computer Outsourcing Small Business Network Architect
Small Business IT Consultants for Colorado Information Technology Outsource
Small Business IT Consulting Company for Rochester, New York Information Technology Outsource
Windows 10 Migration Design Company
Support for Microsoft Windows 10 Migration in Jackson, WY

Progent's Microsoft-certified consultants can assist organizations of any size to evaluate Windows 10 or to migrate to Windows 10 from any older release of Windows. Online and on-premises evaluation and migration support for Microsoft Windows 10 available from Progent's consultants include Return on Investment analysis, project management, compatibility testing, pilot systems, Hyper-V virtualization architecture, Cloud integration, mobile management, telecommuter connectivity, data and identity security, automated provisioning and management, network infrastructure optimization, Wi-Fi support, business continuity planning, webinar training for IT support personnel and end users, and post-migration consulting support.

Small Business IT Consulting Group California Pleasanton Remote Troubleshooting
Engineer for Disaster Recovery Test Lab
Disaster Recovery Test Lab Consultants in Tennessee

The Progent Test and Training Lab located at the QTS (formerly Herakles) Colocation Center is available for piloting line-of-business applications, developing cost-effective system upgrade procedures, evaluating and optimizing performance, planning or verifying business continuity strategies, resolving compatibility problems, and building training systems for new technologies. For Progent clients who lack sufficient internal resources to assemble proper pilot systems, Progent's Test and Training Lab cuts capital costs and engineering risk and helps keep vital network projects on schedule.

Small Business Network Consulting Services for Waterford Stanislaus County IT Consulting California
Small Business Network Server Installation Networking Solution Provider in Livermore California
Small Business Outsourcing for Cisco Networking Consultants in Dallas - Irving Texas
ISA 2006 Firewall Consultant
Microsoft Certified Expert Setup and Support for Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 Berkeley, CA

Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 is a comprehensive gateway that provides a fully integrated application layer firewall, VPN, and web caching solution for safeguarding the Internet-facing networks of any organization against a broad range of attacks. Progent's Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 consultants can help you plan, rationalize, pilot, implement, customize and support the any version of ISA Server 2006 on your network.

Small Business Server Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Exchange 2016 IT Service Irving Dallas Plano
Small Office Computer Support Consultant Install for Small Office
Exchange Server Hosting Services
Consultancy for Exchange Hosting Napa, CA

Progent's MS Exchange Server Hosting Services provide an enterprise-class data center that features redundant electrical and cooling systems, round-the-clock staffed security and IT support center, and failover connections to tier-1 Internet service providers. Hosted Microsoft Exchange servers are configured as virtualized servers for service continuity, easy expandability, and fast recovery. Progent's services include integration with your network, access to handheld computing products, automated tracking of performance and network security, spam filtering, patch and service pack control, Help Desk Call Center services, daily data backup, and comprehensive email management services.

Sun Solaris Online Consultants Consultants
Full Service Outsourcing Consult
San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento Professional

Progent is organized deliver comprehensive online consulting for all major technical areas common to small company IT networks and offers a variety of strategic, as-needed support services including a part-time Chief Information Officer to provide advanced IT design and negotiating skills, a Call Center for help desk support, 24x7 remote monitoring, spam and email-borne virus protection as a managed service, project management for critical initiatives like site relocations oroperating system migrations, connectivity experts for building and maintaining fast and robust infrastructure, certified security engineers to verify information safety and regulatory compliance, disaster recovery specialists to create business continuity plans, and software developers to create, customize, or repair mission-critical application programs.

Sun Solaris Remote Consulting UNIX Specialists
Support Services Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Technology Consulting in Madison, Dane County
Support Team for Addison Information Technology Consultant for Addison, TX
Support and Integration for Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 Virtual Server in New York, New York Support and Integration for Mandrake Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX in District of Columbia
Systems Support Salem, Marion County Technology Consultants for Microsoft Exchange
Technical Consultant for Windows 2016 Online Consulting for Windows Server 2016 Credential Guard
Technical Support Firms for BlackBerry BlackBerry Desktop Manager Network Consulting Experts
Technician for Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Configuration
Technology Consulting for Cisco Small Business IT Consultants Texas
Top Rated Hyper-V 3.0 Server Computer Consultant in Mountain View, CA Technology Providers for SQL 2012
UNIX with Windows Consultant Windows and Solaris Remote Support
Meraki Online Support
Support Napa, California

Progent's Meraki wireless AP consultants provide online and on-premises support to assist businesses of all sizes to design, install, manage, upgrade or troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks that utilize Cisco Meraki APs. Progent can assist you to configure and manage Meraki-based wireless infrastructure for sites that can range from a teleworker's home or a remote office to a large campus or a nationwide enterprise. Progent can also help you to integrate other Cisco technology such as switches, ASR routers and ASA firewalls to create a seamless network infrastructure that delivers the same connectivity, performance, security, ease of management and availability for wired and wireless clients irrespective of their location or device.

Ubuntu Linux, Solaris, UNIX Online Help Redhat Linux, Solaris, UNIX Online Help in Glendale California
Ubuntu Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX Network Consultants Slackware Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX Consultant in Port of Mobile, Alabama
Virtual Server Administration Website Configuration Jersey City Contra Costa County Small Business IT Outsourcing Firm Northern California
Virtual Server Administration Website Support and Integration Albuquerque, New Mexico Portland, Multnomah County Ubuntu Linux, Solaris, UNIX Consulting
Walnut Creek Server Troubleshoot Expert Award Winning Moraga Support Companies California
Waltham, MA Top Quality Computer Consultants BlackBerry Smartphone Technology Providers
Wilmington, DE On-site IT Support Delaware Small Business IT Consulting Group
Developing Phase: Pilots Installer
IT Service Providers for Microsoft Solutions Framework Project Methodology in Santa Clara County

In conducting consulting tasks for corporate customers, Progent uses a structured approach driven by specified milestones so as to meet budgetary, scheduling and engineering goals while reducing business disruption. Progent's Enterprise Services Project Methodology utilizes accepted project management standards derived from the best practices defined by the Microsoft Solutions Framework Project methodology which specifies requirements definition, architecture recommendations, test models, design adjustments, and professional implementation. All facets are documented to make available a detailed description of technical services delivered and to help in downstream network support.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Computer Setup Windows Server 2012 R2 Migration Companies in San Diego - La Jolla
Support and Integration for Windows Server 2016 Just In Time PAM
Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Setup and Support Boston, MA

Progent's Windows Server 2016 disaster recovery consultants can assist your organization to plan and deploy a DR system built around Microsoft's latest Failover Clustering technologies including Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade for non-disruptive migration to Windows Server 2016, Storage Replica for crash-consistent Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Storage Spaces Direct for high-performance network-attached storage using commodity hardware, VM Load Balancing for improving the speed and fault-tolerance of Failover Clusters while minimizing TCO and management overhead, and Cloud Witness for easy, affordable deployment of a failover cluster quorum arbitration point.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V 3.0 Professional Garland MS Certified Florida Computer Installation
Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Network Engineer Alameda, California Microsoft Certified Partner Denver, Colorado Assessment
Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Online Technical Support Atlanta, GA Mandrake Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX Remote Support in Dallas Fort Worth
Microsoft Expert Network Design and Consulting for Consulting Hourly Price
Value Pricing Design Companies in Watsonville, CA

Progent's pricing policy is to bill for remote support and on-site visits by the minute. As a result, you pay exclusively for received support. Progent does not demand a higher rate for after-hours or urgent support, and within California or in areas where Progent offers on-premises service, Progent does not bill for travel except for emergency support where on-site work is less than 4 hours. Also, Progent imposes no service activation fee and asks no retainer for support services provided during normal business hours. Many service organizations impose large minimum payments or charge for each quarter hour or longer. Progent's one-minute granularity eliminates large bills for fast fixes so you will not be forced to permit simple problems to fester.

Windows Server 2016 Computer Service Companies Coral Gables Windows Server 2012 Administration
Windows Small Office IT Outsourcing installation and Administration for Windows Server 2012
Wireless LAN Consulting Services Wi-Fi Network Engineer